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an actor who specializes in playing supporting roles

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August 4 (ANI): One of England's most popular character actors and 'Harry Potter' star Robert Hardy has died at the age of 91.
BEIRUT: A Syrian character actor famous for playing muscle-bound bodyguards has died under mysterious circumstances, media reports said Friday.
Interestingly enough, despite the wealth of character actor talent noted in "Mr.
My journey has been that of a character actor," he wrote.
I was born a character actor," Durning told USA Today.
TERENCE Rigby, one of Britain's best known character actors has died aged 71 after battling lung cancer.
GIFTED character actor Charles Williams (1915-90) was born in Bodffordd, Anglesey, and worked in his youth as an agricultural labourer.
Dabbs Greer, a veteran character actor who played the Rev.
Center Square: The Paul Lynde Story is the true biography of Paul Lynde, well-known for his three decades of appearances as a character actor on TV, film, and stage.
Best of all, veteran character actor Raymond Ma (Old School, Starsky & Hutch) brings real gravity to the role of Ethan's dad.
Yate's noir thriller Seven Times Lucky, starring New Waterford Girl's Liane Balaban as an Artful Dodger named Fiona who teams with an older grifter, played by American character actor Kevin Pollak.
3 Appearing as a wartime secret agent in drama documentary Killing Hitler, this gifted Welsh character actor is also one-third of novelty charttoppers Fat Les.
The book includes a marvelous and in its own way moving retrospective on the film career of the character actor J.
Fans of the American Movie Channel will recognize the great character actor Peter Lorre.
One aspect of its storytelling and casting that the series has gotten right is its spot-on selection of the character actor who's now the prison's head (Dindo Arroyo).