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Right, Bill Tavener at the marshmallow production line in 1991 and, below, works' charabancs set off in the 20s
At weekends, however, he swapped the back for a charabanc body with wooden seats for 30 passengers.
The whole hopeless charabanc ended like it started - drowning under a tidal wave of tedium.
The convoy included a 1930s Orme bus and the charabanc bus featured in the TV series Heartbeat.
It's the near future and Brentford is an independent borough where progress has been banned - the only place in hi-tech Britain where you can still take a charabanc sightseeing tour.
AS the cut-price charabanc gets into full swing, two pet sales hates.
A luxury charabanc was hired and off set this intrepid band with a collection of municipal and Centro officers.
It was that charabanc, carrying the ``minor royals'' to the service at St Paul's Cathedral on Tuesday.
We walked along a leafy lane to the village, and mother would tell us to stand well back among the trees as the charabanc passed by.
I have always said stats are for prats, but not when they add weight to my argument and my argument this week is weightier than a charabanc of weight-watchers parked outside a chippie.
He redeemed his best suit and shoes from the pawn shop and on the following Saturday went on a charabanc trip with some cronies from his favourite pub.
When the album came out in 1975, many a woman's heart no doubt jumped at the prospect of being whisked away in his caravan, and although the years are ceasing to be kind to the man himself, there is definitely no shortage of middle-aged women willing to give his charabanc a nudge uphill if needs be.
Jones and Brown of Brynmawr were the first operators to issue return tickets, while the most romantic name was owned by The Crimson Rambler Bus and Charabanc Service.
In a charabanc to a holiday camp next to a power station, where we stay in chalets whose walls are so thin you can hear people copulating for three rooms either side.
And it was also respected old women who would arrange the charabanc trips to the country or the seaside and the street parties that celebrated the great events in the life of the nation, like VE Day and the coronation of the Queen.