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Consequently, the publication of The Theatre of Marie Jones: Telling Stories from the Ground Up, a volume of essays and interviews edited by Eugene McNulty and Tom Maguire, and ranging across the whole of Jones's oeuvre from her early Charabanc days to the present, is to be welcomed as the kind of book that the bemused reviewer sorely needed.
A group of mostly women and children about to set off on a day trip in an open-topped charabanc (above) from a pub somewhere in Birmingham in the 1930s.
Some of the vanished words are old-fashioned modes of transport such as the "cyclogiro", a type of aircraft propelled by rotating blades, and charabanc, a motor coach.
After sinking a few swift drinks they were collected by a specially organised Charabanc to take them to Wembley to see Blues in the 1956 FA Cup final.
So may have been the inner fumings of Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles as he was trundled around Liverpool in a charabanc on an impromptu tour of some "development" sites, all in the swelter of mid-afternoon sun, However, by the end of the weary tour, which included a detour to Picton on the way to Anfield, a journey up a one-way street and visits to two near-deserted community centres, rain stopped play.
TODAY'S modern luxury touring coach has evolved over many years from the humble charabanc of the 1920's, but not many of these very old vehicles remain.
It is to have coach outings from our local betting shop - capture that old charabanc feeling.
Next stop for the Castle Punter charabanc is Perth next week.
Charabanc of Northern Ireland is remarkable for having done so and for having maintained a priority of providing challenging and critical work in the theatre for women.
Imagine the magic of The Town at dusk, with trams and horse-drawn charabanc rides, a brass band playing in the park and traditional entertainment.
I recall going to school on a charabanc from Edgwood Road.
Here all the men have boarded a charabanc for an unknown destination and with no covering on the vehicle we can only hope the weather kept fine.
Day trippers get ready for a tour of Wales; and, left, fares and destinations from the White Rose Company A charabanc gets ready for a day out in the fresh air One of the unique collection of over 600 photographic negatives chronicling the charabancs that delighted tourists and day trippers to North Wales
A cavalcade of classic cars will pass along High Street and there will be an appearance from the UK's only Midland Red Charabanc bus, celebrating its 80th birthday by transporting visitors to and from the various events in the area.
My would-be charabanc now sits, possibly on bricks, in a poor area of Bordeaux.