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Synonyms for chapped

used of skin roughened as a result of cold or exposure

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So you did all that, but you're still having chapped hands?
An emergency room nurse, whosehands were chapped and who wore no gloves, applied pressure with her finger for 20 minutes to stop the bleeding of a cardiac arrest patient who was later shown to be infected with AIDS.
The medicated skincare market includes products treating a variety of skin conditions, including minor wounds, rashes and itches, acne, chapped lips, athlete's foot, warts and lice.
First aid ointments (for minor cuts or scratches; dry, chapped, or cracking skin (except on feet); insect stings; and sunburn)
The wind and cold air of winter, combined with low relative humidity and the climate of indoor heating systems, can take skin from mildly dry to painfully chapped in just a few days," says Stephen Pennisi, Ph.