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the position of chaplain

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Lauren Evans won the Cambria Chaplaincy poetry competition
Mejico says that he soon came to view the chaplaincy staff as parent figures.
By contrast, what comes over clearly is the moral commitment of many in the Irish Chaplaincy to equality and justice for the most vulnerable.
Aside from offering courtroom prayer, the chaplaincy effort - open to religious leaders of any faith - offered counseling to folks that Mack, in his coroner role, dealt with at death scenes.
Maratas encouraged the chaplaincy to look for the missing monstrance, which the thieves may have mistaken for a gold trinket, church employees said.
Recently the chaplains attended the Northern Ireland Football Writers dinner and it was so encouraging to see the chaplaincy celebrate the success of their clubs and players and well as engage with board members etc.
The military chaplaincy is supported and guided by the Interfaith Committee on Canadian Military Chaplaincy--the body through which the faith communities of Canada exercise their support to the CAF.
In the Chaplaincy Centre, there is a hospital chapel and multi-faith prayer room which are both open 24 hours each day for prayer and quiet reflection.
The chaplaincy team offer spiritual, religious and pastoral care for hospital staff, patients, their relatives and carers, of any faith or belief.
The Council of the Chaplaincy of Dubai and Sharjah with the Northern Emirates and Lulu Group inked a deal with philanthropic organisation, Dubai Cares, to meet the expenses of primary schools under Dubai Cares' programmes in Palestine, Nepal, and Senegal.
Military Chaplaincy in Contention: Chaplains, Churches, and the Morality of Conflict.
I was very glad to see a lengthy article that spoke of the importance of campus chaplaincy across the country [Focus: campus chaplaincy, Sept.
The clothing will clearly identify the wearers as chaplains engaged in Waterways chaplaincy.
The harvest day was organised by the Trust chaplaincy team with support from the Trust's health and wellbeing group as part of work it is doing with the Food for Life Partnership, a national project to change the way we see food and drink and make sure we get the most out of mealtimes.