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Synonyms for chaperone

one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people

accompany as a chaperone


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That is all very well, " she answered, "but I am not sure that we ought to be in the gallery at Covent Garden together, with a chaperon who will sleep
During these delectable entertainments, Miss Wirt and the chaperon sate by, and conned over the peerage, and talked about the nobility.
But tell me now, count," exclaimed Albert, delighted at the idea of having to chaperon so distinguished a person as Monte Cristo; "tell me truly whether you are in earnest, or if this project of visiting Paris is merely one of the chimerical and uncertain air castles of which we make so many in the course of our lives, but which, like a house built on the sand, is liable to be blown over by the first puff of wind?
A red chaperon or cap, with long hanging cornette, sat daintily on the back of his black-curled head, while his gold-hued shoes were twisted up
She did not forget his promise to sample Eustace Miles, and asked him as soon as she could secure Tibby as his chaperon.
I am, as it were," she concluded, "the chaperon of my young cousin, Lucy, and it would be a serious thing if I put her under an obligation to people of whom we know nothing.
Summary: JEDDAH: Parents and teachers have criticized the treatment of maids forced to accompany children to school and act as their personal assistants or chaperons.
He added that as chaperons,"we seek to provide the students with everything they need, as well as look after them.
The students will be certified as chaperons by the World Anti- Doping Agency ( WADA) and they will be eligible to work at various international events for the next two years.
Chaperons tied with the same theatre's Guys and Dolls as outstanding musical production, and received nods for its ensemble and for the performances of Christianne Tisdale, John Alban Coughlan and David Schmittou.
But the chaperons did more than just carry bags - they kept track of the budgets, helping the kids stretch it by finding good deals.
The Children's World Summit for the Environment attended by a 1,000-strong international group of environmentally-aware children and their chaperons, will be held in the Japanese towns of Toyohashi, Toyota and Aichi (site of EXPO 2005) from July 26 to 29.
Peterson's company has grown to the point where it now has six full-time paid staff, and uses 200 trip chaperons from around the country.
National Ballet Festival '97 is expected to bring together approximately 1,500 devoted dance students and 500 artistic directors, teachers, chaperons, company board members, balletomanes, and friends.