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Synonyms for chaperone

one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people

accompany as a chaperone


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Although seemingly personal, the chaperons' time is also largely institutional: it represents the family whose men provide the chaperonage and whose evening schedule incorporates this need to care for the family women.
After her marriage to a busy politician, Helen Willersdale (Women as They Are) is left to enter London society under the chaperonage of her unscrupulous and power-hungry sister-in-law, Lady Danvers.
The bicycle represented the means by which girls could escape from chaperonage and other forms of control over their movements.
A Birmingham health watchdog committee has been told by the Department of Health that at the start of any scheme for male midwives men will be employed only in areas where extensive chaperonage can be provide
The company "designated" the first-floor lounge as a "special room, where under suitable chaperonage, such members as live in boarding houses, may receive their young men friends.
The clients are asked who they wish to be present at the examination, but chaperonage is an issue when clients decline carers' attendance and requires further discussion.
49) She explained that, in particular, Italian mothers "seldom [gave their daughters] permission to go to a party in the evening, and never without chaperonage.
Lowe, providing chaperonage, and Kim is chafing at Mrs.
Although the trip to the country is officially under the chaperonage of Charlotte's aunt, she falls asleep, enabling the couple to go for a walk.
Lady Maulevrier's close chaperonage, coupled with her native love of luxury and preference for the magnificent apartments at Fellside, shelter Lesbia from "the mystery of mind and matter.