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Synonyms for chaperon

Synonyms for chaperon

one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people

accompany as a chaperone


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We are working around the clock finding alternate ways to get emergency assistance to hard-to-reach communities, Mr Chaperon said.
Our mission is Bois Belleau, meaning the forest of Belleau, a name that signifies a World War 1 battle, about to commemorate a century since it happened," explained Admiral Chaperon.
Senior French naval official Rear Admiral Chaperon said pirate attacks had reduced globally since 2012.
Also elected unopposed were ANF Assistant Federal Secretary Yvonne Chaperon, ANF President Coral Levett and ANF Federal Vice President Paul Nieuwenhoven.
He begins by setting out the basic principle of medical treatment, then discusses such topics as quantum therapy as well as photon therapy, transplantation, radiotherapy and radio surgery, stem cell therapy, transfusion medicine, phototherapy, gene transfer and gene therapy, therapeutic vaccination, and chaperon.
Total believed it could leverage its experience building megaprojects in the energy industry to take a foothold in the nuclear industry, Chaperon said.
El lider del PAN es nuevo de Vicente chaperon, Felipe se muerde un .
With the help of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, "gender-identity experts" and a Canadian trans-sexual support organization, Synthia Kavanagh, then known as Richard Chaperon, convinced corrections officials in 1999 that he was really a woman, needed "gender reassignment surgery" and housing in a women's prison.
He walked it over and over, generally at night, sometimes along its glittering avenues but often through its filthiest rookeries, where his new state as a gentleman required a burly chaperon.
Shannon would serve as chaperon for the students and assist them financially.
At one school dance earlier this year, a chaperon had to break up a group of guys circled around two girls kissing, according to other girls who were there.
Employees: Six paid staff plus a volunteer chaperon force of 200
The Contes included " La Belle au bois dormant " ( " The Sleeping Beauty " ), " Le Petit Chaperon rouge " ( Little Red Riding - Hood ), " La Barbe - Bleue " ( Bluebeard ), " Le Maitre - chat ou le chat bott e " ( " Puss - in - Boots " ), " Les Fees " ( " The Fairies " ), " Cendrillon ou la petite pantoufle de verre " ( " Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper " ), " Riquet a la houppe, " and " Le Petit Poucet " ( Tom Thumb ).
She became involved with the African Children's Choir through her church and flew to Africa to work as a chaperon with the singers and tours have taken the 60-year-old divorcee all over the globe, rubbing shoulders with world leaders and superstars, such as Nelson Mandela.
By the time the promotion began for World Youth Day, I'd resigned myself to knowing that if I went, it would be as a chaperon, not a participant.