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a Protestant in England who is not a member of the Church of England

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Church and chapelgoers across Wales have sent personal invitations to friends and neighbours to come with them to worship on Back To Church Sunday.
Although the food delivered to Honduran villagers during the hike was purchased from money donated during chapel services at Soto Cano, the hikers themselves weren't necessarily chapelgoers, King said--an indication that the willingness to help runs across the spectrum of belief systems.
CHAPELGOERS yesterday launched a campaign to help small businesses.
Even God cannot hear the prayers of the few devout chapelgoers through all that crackly static.
He plays Solomon, an orthodox Jew, who falls for Gaenor (Nia Roberts), daughter of regular Chapelgoers.
CHAPELGOERS have been urged to lobby Wales' largest youth movement in the latest bid to prevent alcohol being sold at next year's Urdd National Eisteddfod.
CHURCH and chapelgoers across Wales are inviting thousands of people to services.
That's according to the general secretary of the Union of Welsh Independent Churches, Dr Geraint Tudur, representing 30,000 Welsh chapelgoers across Wales.
Changing perceptions of the differences between acceptable public and private behaviour are suggested by the contrast between the extrovert backyard sunbathers of Kevin Sinnott's Public Life and the restrained demeanour of an earlier generation of chapelgoers in John Elwyn's Bore Sul.