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Chapeau 2 : Tanzanie, Gambie, Liberia, Centrafrique, Tchad, Maurice, Seychelles, Comores, Sao Tome et Principe, Sud Soudan, Erythree, Somalie, Djibouti.
Le tirage sera costaud, puisque les deux equipes francaises figurent dans le dernier chapeau, le 6, loin du premier oE ont ete verses le champion d'Europe, l'Olympiakos Le Piree, son adversaire en finale, le Real Madrid, Barcelone et le Panathinaikos Athenes.
Other star lots included a pair of Picasso portraits from the 1930s, "Femme endormie" and "Tete de femme au chapeau mauve.
Other star lots include a pair of Picasso portraits from the 1930s, "Femme endormie" and "Tete de femme au chapeau mauve.
SOPHISTICATED The city's Francophiles have more or less managed to keep this place a secret, but ever since Chapeau ($$$; 126 Clement St.
The "garment" is accessorised with a necklace of marrow bones topped with a 32-ounce rib eye chapeau.
Picasso's Femme au grand chapeau, buste, 1965, was among the stars of the evening, bringing $9,322,500 (est.
Paintings on display also included Pablo Picasso's Femme Au Grand Chapeau, Buste from 1965 and Mark Rothko's 1961 painting Untitled - a largely orange canvas which could go for up to pounds 16 million.
Thousands of troops who have passed through Petawawa are familiar with the Chapeau Hotel, just across the river.
Specifically, this note argues that the further development of the substantive prong of the chapeau in the Brazil-Tyres case will enable the AB to look past facial justifications and examine the "true purpose" of a competitiveness provision when assessing its compliance with Article XX.
org/ was launched May 23, 2008 with the help of Reider's loyal fanbase, well-known Hollywood casting director and producer Heidi Levitt, of Three Chapeau Productions and friend Clarinda Morales, of Inspiral Productions, devoted to the young recording artist where fans can donate $1 for a digital compilation of nine of Reider's original songs to help keep Katie's voice alive for new fans all over the world.
The Goofy Hat Bandit hung up his chapeau Wednesday.
of Milwaukee doffed its display ad chapeau to Google.
Bebe Neuwirth brought her sly and snazzy style to Fosse's "All that Jazz," Mercedes Ellington vied for best chapeau with a glorious nest of feathers atop her head.
The interaction between the two men in Chapeau, 2005, seems more like that of partners than, say, close friends, relatives, or lovers.