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Synonyms for chapatti

flat pancake-like bread cooked on a griddle

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Tender notice number : 6W/885/1/Org/Proc of Auto Matic Chapatti Machine
In many restaurants and hotels, the cost of chapatti or roti is usually higher compared with the rates in small eateries.
As per details, Peshawar Nan Baais Association had (NBA) had demanded from District Administration (DA) to increase the price of Chapatti after the price hike of flour.
From chapatti and other Indian breads to Squid Curry, Potato or Spinach Curry, Chinese Rolls and more, this provides a wealth of Sri Lankan traditional dishes and is a top pick for collections strong in ethnic or Asian cuisine.
Badal Mondal Chan Mohan, 49, reportedly suffered scaring to his back when he was repeatedly hit with a kettle for not making chapatti.
Fashioning up a quick chapatti Homemade dhal A speciality curry of lambs' hearts and kidneys Rayeesa Asgh-Sandys teaches in her cookery school in rural Herefordshire Rayeesa Asgh-Sandys with a pot of her chicken curry at Rayeesa's Indian Kitchen, Herefordshire
The well known Iran-born entrepreneur built Pride Valley Foods in Seaham, County Durham, into the biggest specialist maker of tortillas, pitta bread, chapatti and naan in Europe.
He looked at the chapatti and threw it in frustration.
Just days after Aloo's arrival, some more babies hatched - including Chapatti, Rogan, and Josh.
Ibrahim admitted making chapatti flour bombs, but insisted only the detonators were meant to explode in a bid to frighten people.
When it was time to eat, the guide set up a fire and cooked us chapatti and food.
Golden Temple Chapatti is produced in Canada and distributed in North American by Robin Hood Multifoods of Markham, Ontario.