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flat pancake-like bread cooked on a griddle

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We've been reading the book The Runaway Chapati, so it's all tied in together - we've talked about healthy hearts and based it around being healthy.
For Dh15, one can have as many portions of dal, three types of subzis, buttermilk, chapati and rice, topped off with a jalebi.
DIG Prisons said ' Jayalalithaa is not getting any kind of special treatment' ; As she suffers from acute lower back pain, she was advised to sleep on an iron cot and the jail authorities provided her the same ; She has the liberty of wearing any garment ( usually inmates have to be in white uniform issued by the jail) ; She has tasted jail food and has often ordered milk, biscuits, brown bread and chapatis whenever she is hungry '
Professor Baqi suggested that patients should take simple carbohydrates, such as Chapatis, bread and milk with cereal, at Sehri time and have their Sehri as late as possible.
Jonathan Trott, England's No 3 batsman, had a bout of the Chennai chapatis not long after arrival in the city from Chittagong.
She told how her son was "always smiling" but had become fed up with eating chapatis since his father had taken him to stay with relatives.
For the main course, we went on to have baigaree baignan - eggplant simmered in a tamarind, peanut and coconut gravy - with chapatis (Indian flatbread).
The smell of freshly cooked chapatis made Maya's stomach rumble.
It's difficult to buy authentic nan bread or chapatis but you can easily make tasty flat breads to go with your curry.
The pupils at Westfield School in Gosforth, Newcastle, have been sleeping in a barn, and their Christmas dinner consisted of rice and chapatis.
Tonight, in our honor, there is roasted goat, chicken stew and greens, rice, eggs, beans, two kinds of ugali (one thickened porridge made from ground corn, the other from millet meal), chapatis (Indian flat bread), soda and tea.
In India, flat breads called chapatis are served with dals or spicy curries.
Princess, who once weighed a whopping 40lb after a diet of curry and chapatis, was put to sleep last month after collapsing in the arms of a vet at the Cats Protection cattery in Hollywood, Birmingham.