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flat pancake-like bread cooked on a griddle

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This is a really an important intervention given that we are so keen to improve our air quality as well as the health of our rural women," said Dia Mirza, who took a hands-on approach by preparing a chapati or Indian bread on an ICS unit.
Your local mama mboga probably also makes chapatis by the roadside and stores them in a big yellow bucket to be retrieved when customers pass by.
Serve with the rice and chapatis, garnished with the coriander.
Divide the chicken and salad between some warm chapatis, roll up and serve.
We've been reading the book The Runaway Chapati, so it's all tied in together - we've talked about healthy hearts and based it around being healthy.
The average is four chapatis per thali," Shah says.
2 Does Eric Pickles turn up at Cobra meetings with six bottles of it to wash down his onion bhajis, lamb passanda, three chapatis and two naan bread?
She has tasted jail food and has often ordered milk, biscuits, brown bread and and chapatis whenever she is hungry.
She told how her son was "always smiling" but had become fed up with eating chapatis since his father had taken him to stay with relatives.
The pupils at Westfield School in Gosforth, Newcastle, have been sleeping in a barn, and their Christmas dinner consisted of rice and chapatis.
Princess, who once weighed a whopping 40lb after a diet of curry and chapatis, was put to sleep last month after collapsing in the arms of a vet at the Cats Protection cattery in Hollywood, Birmingham.
If a family had felt more adventurous, they may have eaten chapatis (flat unleavened Indian bread), sweetened yoghurts and maybe even a light curry.
In our childhood home, Mother did not bake her own bread and thus for the first few years of our lives, when we were in really small towns that boasted no bakeries, our staple food was rice and chapatis.
It is the anticipation of chapatis and singing of Christmas carols in my village when I was about seven years old.