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Synonyms for chapati

flat pancake-like bread cooked on a griddle

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But in a fraction of a second, he figured out what the customer wanted chapati.
Product Sub-Category : Automatic chapati making machine
30am and ordered a cup of tea with my favourite omelette sandwich in chapati.
The mighty Ted Hughes had vowels as flat as a Bradford chapati.
Where are those who were prompt to comment on the chapati controversy?
AT least 11 members of Parliament belonging to the right-wing Shiv Sena allegedly forced a Muslim catering supervisor, who was fasting for Ramadan, to eat a chapati at the new Maharashtra Sadan in New Delhi last week.
I had a chicken and cashew curry with rice and a chapati which was not only stylishly presented but also extremely tasty and filling.
However, here I have to do with only rice, chapati and a curry sent by the camp kitchen.
Tyers told him that he had money, before he and a friend ordered two lamb bhunas along with pilau rice, nn bread, drinks, a chapati and a shish kebab.
She was also made to make chapatis but if they were not made in a certain way she was burned with a chapati pan on her arm and in due course injuries were found and a chapati pan was seized.
What you need: 1 piece of Italian flatbread, Indian chapati, or pita bread Peanut butter Jam or jelly Toppings: raisins, dried fruit, or apple or banana slices What you do: 1.
They tried to detonate chapati flour rucksack bombs at or near Shepherd's Bush, Warren Street and Oval Tube stations and on a bus in Shoreditch.
From Stewed Apples with Dates and Cinnamon; Avocado Soup with Cucumber; Warm Almond Milk with Coconut & Mango; Braised Chicken with Cilantro Reduction Sauce; and Steamed Kale with Lemon and Dill Butter; to Cream of Beet Soup with Puy Lentils; Samosas with mango Chutney; Braised Bok Choy, Fennel & Tofu with Lemon & Coriander; Green Beans & Carrots with Fried Almonds, Chapati (Indian flat bread); and Chocolate Saveur with Coconut Creme, Eat * Taste * Heal will quickly prove a popular and appreciated addition to any household cookbook collection.
In a bizarre incident in 1997 at Nanga Parbat, having already strained his back on the climb, he sneezed after sniffing flour while making a chapati and suffered a slipped disc.