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Synonyms for chap

Synonyms for chap

a grown man referred to familiarly, jokingly, or as a member of one's set or group


Synonyms for chap

a long narrow depression in a surface

a crack in a lip caused usually by cold

(usually in the plural) leather leggings without a seat

crack due to dehydration

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The findings suggest that although cHAP mice consume consistently high/sustained levels of ethanol, other factors such as disparities in specific dietary components, differences in the patterns of alcohol consumption, and timing of feeding relative to peak blood-alcohol content, alter the degree of liver injury in cHAP versus other mice.
Time as a fundamental element of strategy: "There is a time to engage in battle, when we have an opportunity or when the advantage is on our side" (Part II, chap.
To be a chap is to take the mannerisms of an old-fashioned English gentleman, and take the bits that we like -- being eccentric, drinking cocktails before lunch, dressing exquisitely and being courteous to ladies C* The rest, such as bloodsports and flogging manservants, we put that aside.
His hospital partnered with the Asthma Network of West Michigan and a managed care organization to pull together a group consisting of 40 pediatricians; 10-12 family physicians; and midlevel providers from four private practices, nine community- and school-based clinics, a pediatric resident teaching clinic, and a nurse practitioner clinic in CHAP.
The woman got out and ushered the old chap (who could barely walk) to the kerb, while the men wrestled with the scooter.
They said, if we continued with the bingo, they would arrest us and the chap who runs it," she said.
My chum Brian Morton of Milnsbridge, a chap with a clever turn of phrase, has sent me the following:
Doctor Romeu Chap Chap, CPM, was inaugurated as president of Sindicato das Empresas de Compra, Venda, Locacao e Administracao de Imoveis Residenciais de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in September.
Wynn, an apprentice sage, and Chap, a Fay spirit in dog form, round out this intrepid traveling group.
The Canadian mining company Lundin Mining Corporation said on Sunday (14 November) that it had signed an agreement in principle to sell the silver production of its Zinkruvan mine in Sweden to Chap Mercantile Inc.
CHAP was chosen by IETF as the mandatory authentication protocol for iSCSI.
A CHAP phoned New Labour headquarters, John Prescott answered, the chap says: "I'd like to join the Labour Cabinet.
Such fear mongering was given much media play, but the work of the CHAP and the work of many other independent scientific groups proves those fears were groundless.
Chap Stick and Blistex are the top brands in the group.
Select hospices throughout the nation are given this recognition, which indicates hospice core services that exceed Medicare and CHAP quality standards and should be adopted by other hospices nationwide as the ideal prototype for their programs.