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an attractor for which the approach to its final point in phase space is chaotic

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Sudden changes in chaotic attractors and transient basins in a model for rattling in gearboxes, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 21(3): 763-772.
The key issue here is that the operation of a chaotic attractor is described as systematically removing initial information and replacing it with new information, but what is the initial information?
By building the complete bifurcation diagrams with stable and unstable periodic solutions, we have found different new bifurcation groups with their own rare regular and chaotic attractors.
Chaotic attractors are neither novel nor recurrent; they have the same number of isometries as their shuffled copies (Figure 5).
Then, there is the "freedom" built into chaotic attractors.
Chaotic attractors are significant at every stage in this process because, as part of their expanding phase, they lend the capacity to rapidly generate endlessly new activity patterns or potential complexes of meaning, thereby creating information (Nicolis and Tsuda 216).
These self-similar forms are often pulled together by 'strange' or chaotic attractors.
1990] observe that with the techniques used to date, no evidence of the presence of simple chaotic attractors exist for economic time series.
Today we can benefit from recent advances in dynamical systems theory and its new tools for describing unstable or unpredictable behavior in the language of non-linear models and chaotic attractors.
Now it makes sense to me that one might, in a sense, want to preserve the chaotic attractors that are within complex, nonlinear, self-organizing feedback processes.
This unpredictable behavior furnishes evidence that the lines themselves are chaotic attractors.
Many results on PS are observed for chaotic attractors with rather coherent phase dynamics [1, 2].
Among the topics are symmetrical multi-petal chaotic attractors in a three-dimensional autonomous system with only one stable equilibrium, catastrophic bifurcation in three-phase voltage-source converters, a chaotic image encryption scheme based on magic cube transformations, the global synchronization of a hyperchaotic system with four wings, and generating multi-scroll attractors from fractal and multi-fractal processes.