chaotic attractor

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an attractor for which the approach to its final point in phase space is chaotic

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A chaotic attractor at the hurricane maximum intensity stage is captured in an axisymmetric hurricane model, thus suggesting an upper limit on the accuracy of hurricane intensity forecasts at the 4-5-day lead times.
Extensive numerical simulations show that the dynamic behaviors of the chaotic map demonstrate chaotic attractor features as the theory expects.
The key issue here is that the operation of a chaotic attractor is described as systematically removing initial information and replacing it with new information, but what is the initial information?
Toledo-Suarez, "Meta-chaos: Reconstructing Chaotic Attractors from the Separation of Nearby Initial Conditions on Hyperhelices," Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, vol.
Our aim is to build complete bifurcation diagrams and to find unknown rare regular and chaotic attractors using complete bifurcation analysis for some important parameters of the model: the amplitudes and the frequency of excitation.
Chaotic attractors create coherent yet unpredictable patterns that can both regularize over-discrepant input and absorb novelty, providing for novel response by amplifying initial uncertainties (Crutchfield et al.
The Grassberger and Procaccia (1983) correlation dimension test is a graphical measure of identifying a chaotic attractor in a chaotic series.
In a subsequent study, Peters (1991) was successful in discovering a chaotic attractor for the S&P 500 returns.
The chaotic attractor was especially recognizable for the 1:C end, which brings into question the number and location of chaotic mechanisms required in a system to affect its properties.
We then plot the two initial states and their subsequent motion on the chaotic attractor of Figure 2.
The chaotic attractor in three-dimensional phase space is illustrated in Fig 1.
2) Attractive processes converge to equilibrium, periodic, or chaotic attractor.
The BDS statistic, which is an adaptation of the correlation integral (standardized with an asymptotic variance estimate) has good power against the null of independence, but does not point towards the existence of a chaotic attractor.