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uttered in a monotonous cadence or rhythm as in chanting

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At the beginning of the second act, we notice something strange in the discussion among the island captives, including a chantlike quality in Antonio's repetitions of the name of "widow Dido.
Though not for the average collegiate or community chorus, it would provide stimulating work and a stunning performance in a rich acoustical environment with the two groups singing and humming to each other and, at times, working as one, (as in the chantlike sections).
13 In the 1993 Paris Review interview, when asked to comment on the Toyota Celica incident, DeLillo replied: "When you detach one of these words from the product it was designed to serve, the word acquires a chantlike quality.
Larsen uses a sparse chantlike quality in her vocal writing; the plainspoken mythic Western language of "yep" and "nope" resonates through Larsen's setting of Calamity Jane's words.
There is Oodgeroo Noonuccal, an important activist and the first indigenous Australian woman poet ever to be published, whose often chantlike poetry uses tradition to establish a modern affirmation of her people within Australian society.
The introduction, twenty-eight bars long, has a chantlike quality, sung over sustained chords.
The closure of the dialogue is based on poetic, nondiscursive, nonreferential qualities (the flow of sibilance and half rhymes and internal rhymes, the use of silence, the halting and merging of unfinished sentences), on the sensuous and suggestive qualities of the discourse (the mention of food and eating, intimations of hot and cold, references to the flow of water, juxtaposing of water and burning), and on the ritualistic, chantlike features of interspersed polyphonic voices.
The lyrics - and even the cover's colorless artwork (similar to ``Gone Again'') - still find Smith in a state of mourning as she applies quotations from poet Allen Ginsberg to her spoken chantlike ``Spell'' (everything is ``holy'' here, she says, but there's no sense of uplift).
From the invigorating chantlike poems of Oodgeroo Noonuccal to David Unaipon's detailed study of Aboriginal culture and his collection of stories from dreamtime, this anthology presents a panorama of indigenous Australia's most powerful voices.
The vocal line continues chantlike to the end, and the piano slows gradually to a soft D minor chord.
The Vietnamese bring traditions of their own, incorporating chantlike expressions into the homily and maintaining a solemn and austere posture as they sit in pews surrounding the church's central communion altar.
Toward the end Rushdie's prose rises to moving, chantlike crescendos, as after the painful and dramatic depictions of terrorist banditry and reprisals in war-torn Kashmir: "Who lit that fire [that burned India's mother's village to the ground]?