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a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors

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The U2 frontman has recorded a track for a new album called Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs And Chanteys.
SEA CHANTEY -- Discover a shop full of delights from around the world.
The public is invited to stay for the `Maritime Festival,' featuring Sea Chantey singers, a nautical `Re-enactor' stunt show, Taiko drummers, Jazz, Blues and Dixieland musical groups, multi-ethnic foods and sale and demonstrations of maritime art and crafts.
The silly couplets of the chantey, the words START and FINISH, and the exhibition's checklist with its all-important titles offered lifelines.
A sea chantey (often spelt shanty) is a work song with a strong rhythm to which the sailors could haul the lines, hoist the sales, man the oars and so on.
Today, the hold still echoes with occasional sea chantey sing-alongs and even the ringing prose of Eugene O'Neill plays.
With the rickety-rackety rhythms that gives the listener the sense that they are on a ship lost at sea, it's hard to say this bluesy sea chantey (like a bulk of the album) will quench one's thirst for sin or just fuel one's desire.
But once you're seated on a wooden bench in the low-ceiling shelter deck of the square-rigged Balclutha, lustily belting out a chantey chorus with your shipmates, it's easy to forget that you're docked safely in a city harbor, rather than on a perilous voyage around Cape Horn.
She is also the site for monthly sea chantey sings and maritime plays, and is a favorite attraction at Hyde Street Pier, near San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.
Rain on Me,'' as in ``everywhere I go it rains on me,'' co-written and sung with Tom Waits, sounds like a campfire chantey the Donner Party sang before they got hungry.
A Coast Guard vessel and commercial fishing boats used for oil spill cleanup will be on display, and entertainment will include presentations by ship model builders, music by sea chantey singers and activity booths for children.
One of the actors, Gilman Carver, worked as a professional chantey singer prior to joining the cast.
21, the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park presents the Kids' Chantey Sing, a sing-along and storytelling aboard a historic ship at the Hyde Street Pier from 3 to 4 p.
Traditional American folk songs - like the Appalachian fiddle tune ``Arkansas Traveler,'' the rivermen's chantey ``Shenandoah'' and the African-American ``Follow the Drinking Gourd'' - performed in four-part harmony make up the first half of the concert.
On "Black Sails,'' expect no snarling, swashbuckling or chanteys of "yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum,'' however much rum may be actually quaffed.