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widely distributed edible mushroom rich yellow in color with a smooth cap and a pleasant apricot aroma

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And he's able to whip up a variety of culinary creations, from chantarelle mushroom and brie omelettes, banana buckwheat pancakes and peppered ham to those delectable lemon poppyseed pancakes.
Dish: Fillet of buffalo on polenta cake topped with pesto on chantarelle sauce.
Award-wining chef Tim Morris uses the best of Skye and Highland produce to conjure up such dinner delights as local mussels in a white wine and saffron cream sauce on a bed of vegetable strips, collops of Snizort native lobster around a cocktail of local chantarelle mushrooms, king scallops and a coral butter sauce.
Written by famous gourmet chef Puck, "My Foodie ABC" covers delicious unusual foods from chantarelles to weisswurst, from jicama and opah to xuxu and yucca and nopales.
A little way away from here, I know of a very reliable place for chantarelles.
Not all mushrooms grow near trees; chantarelles (Cantharellus cibarius), for example, grow in fields, sometimes as late as November, and you often have to part the grass to find them.
Customers can try the company's Wild Forest varieties -- chantarelles, cep (cut or whole), morel, oyster, black fungus, wild mushroom cocktail or forest mushoom mix.