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an ancient ritual for preparing and serving and drinking tea

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En consecuencia, se ordena al padre Visitador un estilo de vida mas occidental, sin el empleo de objetos pertenecientes a la cultura de llegada, como por ejemplo el chanoyu que tenia que sustituirse con el comun te de casa, sin la ceremonia del bonzo.
When one examines the evolution of the custom, from sociopolitical to economic to medicinal to metaphysical factors, and from gender to class to pedagogic to nationalistic considerations, it becomes clear that not only the practitioners of chanoyu but also the tea ceremony itself have gone through many phases of making the grade over the centuries.
Sense of discipline, gracefulness, respect for others, respect for Nature, punctuality, cleanliness, all of these are traditional values which the Japanese have always cherished, and the concept behind tea ceremony reflects our exact mindset Every single action in Chanoyu is minutely calculated to achieve the highest possible economy of movement, simplicity, and finesse.
As part of the Japanese chanoyu, tea must be served in an environment that conforms to strict specifications.
Lo han elaborado tus manos sabias, oficiando en el inefable rito del chanoyu, con que se obtiene el nectar asiatico, el te ritual, Loto de la Buena Ley; cuyo jugo alivia nuestro cansancio y nuestra languidez, cuyo perfumado vapor es humo de sacrificio al Perfectamente Despierto, al Dios de las meditaciones eternas; el te, la planta cordial y estimulante, de blancas florecillas vueltas hacia oriente, minusculas flores en forma de parpados que corto el Asceta para ahuyentar los malos suenos y la turbacion y la laxitud de los sentidos [.
On Saturday, May 2, there will be an opening tea ceremony by Japanese tea master Sen So-oku, a 15th-generation descendant of Sen-No-Rikyu, founder of chanoyu ("the Way of Tea").
The Book Of Tea was in fact written in English, in order to prove accessible to English-speakers, and presents chanoyu (literally "the way of tea") as a spiritual culture and a ritual that interlaces with the "Art of Life" itself.
At Pepperdine University, students can spend up to eight semesters studying the ancient Japanese tea ceremony known as chanoyu or chado.
The highly formalized Chanoyu, or tea ceremony, is a ritual that dates back to the thirteenth century.
The Urasenke Foundation hosts a formal Japanese Chanoyu tea ceremony about once a month in the third-floor teahouse of the museum's downtown home.
1-8 and especially `Japanese Gardens: The Art of Improving Nature', Chanoyu Quarterly: Tea and the Arts of Japan, No.
OKUSAN: I was once told Chanoyu tea could never be appreciated by someone of a pure nature.
ISLAMABAD -- The Embassy of Japan organized a live demonstration of Chanoyu or Sado (Japanese Tea Ceremony) at the residence of Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan on Thursday.