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management through specified channels of communication

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The Cache River Channelization Project was authorized by Congress as part of the Flood Control Act of 1950.
The degree of channelization observed microscopically correlated with the rate of raw granule digestion with glucoamylase.
Channelization of the Mississippi River to improve navigation and reduce flooding has starved wetlands of necessary sediment, helping to cause erosion and destruction of the state's wetlands.
The final rule states that agencies -- the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers -- regard the use of mechanized earth-moving equipment to conduct land clearing, ditching, channelization, in-stream mining or other earth-moving activity in waters of the U.
Heralded as the cure to periodic flooding from Orlando to Okeechobee, the 1960s channelization of the Kissimmee River achieved its goal.
These measures include the use of four quadrant gates, channelization devices or crossing closures at highway-rail grade crossings, or photo enforcement to deter violators.
Army Corps of Engineers to abandon a proposed channelization project on Arkansas' White River that would threaten the White River and Cache River National Wildlife Refuges, home to some of the most diverse plant and animal life in North America.
Legislation has altered some approaches to channelization and these are discussed in chapter 3.
Tenders are invited for Storm Water Drainage Scheme of Bhopal Municipal Corporation Area Channelization of unlined portion of Patra Nala Package-11
5,000 million was released for Kacchi Canal Project (Phase 1) Dera Bugti Naseerabad, Rs 40 million for Kurram Tangi Dam Project and Rs 140 million for Channelization of Deg Nullah Punjab.
Every other big river in Southern California has had extensive channelization.
The Anacostia has been called one of the nation's most polluted rivers, robbed of its basic functions by channelization, riparian and wetland loss, forest removal, sewer overflows, and other pollution.
The 3, 6 and 12-port "line-card-on-a-chip" provides a complete physical-layer solution for flexible, high-bandwidth DS3/E3 services and incorporates optimized functions to address DS3/E3 needs for efficient aggregation and channelization for transport applications.
He also informed that seventy three (73) larvacidal activities and channelization of nullahs / tributaries have also been carried out while, antidengue spray and fumigation was also carried out at 989 places.
But the massive residential developments and associated river channelization threatens the habitat and watershed, the preliminary report said.