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switch channels, on television


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At its best, Channel-Surfing the Apocalypse combines provocative prose and fluid poetry, brassy style and feminist content.
Rota is cued to a channel-surfing soundtrack in which Mozart rubs shoulders with The Chemical Brothers, and Strauss is the flipside of Tangerine Dream.
SAN FRANCISCO -- ffwd (pronounced "fast forward"), the company empowering thousands of consumers with a revolutionary personal remote control for channel-surfing video on the web, today released an enhancement to its media service designed to reflect a user's lifestream: the ability to post videos found on any website directly to Twitter using a bookmarklet.
Cymbeline's'' multiple plot points all seem to pop simultaneously, as if we were channel-surfing on Elizabethan Cablevision.
Carlson's dance-theater event has its own channel-surfing feel.
In December the startup launched StumbleVideo, a service that offers the closest thing to channel-surfing on the Web.
But these days you can't go channel-surfing for more than a couple of minutes without stumbling over young, self-absorbed, white urbanites yakking to the camera about their miserable love lives.
And users can try SightSpeedTV, now in beta, for personal viewing of TV on a computer equipped with a TV capture-card -- anywhere in the world, complete with real channel-surfing.
For years, fans looked forward to the marriage of racing and technology that would give us round-the-clock TV coverage and interactive wagering, serving the couch-bound horseplayer while enticing the channel-surfing novice.
MTV and ``B&B'' creator Mike Judge have agreed to call it quits for the tales of two channel-surfing, wisecracking teens.
Right down to the building we occupy, the entire HBS business is built around an infrastructure engineered to ensure maximum availability and security for the hotel, the distribution channel, and the channel-surfing customer," said Burke.
Anyone who has ever spent a late night channel-surfing only to end up staring spellbound till 4 in the morning, enraptured by the mating habits of the Mexican kangaroo rat, is probably familiar with the Discovery Channel.
Foundation Edition provides a channel-surfing experience, which includes a guide with integrated video-on-demand (VOD) and managed content services.
Somewhere out there, perusing the romance novels at supermarket book racks or channel-surfing the daytime soaps and dreaming of an escape from routine, there may be an audience for this soapy romantic drama about the life of driven, glamorous television newscaster Tally Atwater.