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switch channels, on television


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Unlike their male counterparts, women channel surfers don't sit home watching Monday Night Football.
Contradicting the stereotype of the late night viewer as aimless channel surfer, eight out of ten (81%) late night viewers know what channel and time they're going to watch, the same proportion as primetime viewers (78%).
16, 1997--This week CompUSA begins selling three ADS products: the Channel Surfer TV + FM, the Cadet AM/FM radio, and Superscan 2.
Addressing the needs of the serious channel surfer, the GoldStar StarSight VCR offers the unique feature of a viewing box.
Now, in tribute to those who fought in and endured the brutal conflict, HISTORY is to launch a series of programmes under the title of'World War True, aimed at capturing the attention of history buffs and channel surfers alike.
Currently, channel surfers can jump between David Letterman's New York-based monologue and Leno's one-liners in L.
Ray has been a staple at Food Network, where her shows "30-Minute Meals" and "$40 a Day" have become popular with both culinary experts and channel surfers.
There's no doubt the proliferation of channels means 'event TV' is on the wane, particularly in the area of drama, although there will occasionally be happenings like last weekend's Live8 capable of uniting all channel surfers.
But channel surfers and hobbyists (those who specialize their consumption) complement each other and generate positive externalities: channel surfers help finance variety, and hobbyists enforce quality and originality in the cultural goods they follow.
Mainly it's a power struggle over the remote control, as we're both addicted channel surfers.
Yet there is more to these quick-trigger projections than election-night competition for channel surfers.
Worse yet, the remote control has turned a nation of couch potatoes (once a very good target audience for brand messaging) into channel surfers every time a commercial runs.
If we think of ourselves as channel surfers perhaps we are compensating heavily for sitting in front of the television actually doing nothing.
This creates a generation of cable-oriented channel surfers that do not trust the advertisements they see every day.