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Synonyms for changefulness

the quality of being changeable and variable

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Haste, movement, and changefulness become associated with the harried domestic sphere, ironically connecting it with industrial capitalism.
Changefulness in both the world and its people; and everyone and everything in its proper scale; changefulness ritualized, "the worlds like an endless / four-dimensional / Game of go.
This fact explains the changefulness of religions through the centuries.
The paradox in his output, Brown argues, is that Nashe makes authorial stability (and commodity) out of his very changefulness.
In all the arts, we are struck by a general loosening of forms which in the past were relatively closed, strict, and objective, to ones which are more personal, free, random, and open, often suggesting in their seemingly casual formats an endless changefulness and boundlessness.
Then he can't remind me anymore of the changefulness of words.
The very thing that for Milton guarantees the validity of the prayer--immunizes it, so to speak, against the atricality--is the changefulness which for others embodies the most reprehensible feature of theatricality.
Discontinuity itself makes possible man's sense of immortality" (Webber 157) insofar as in all its changefulness, mankind is always the same.
3) Changefulness in medieval buildings was of course the result of alterations over time.
They, too, saw the conventions of art inadequate to contain the chance, changefulness, constant metamorphosis, shadow and sunshine of the heart of human existence.
Over all, coevolution models open one avenue for exploring the changefulness and uncertainty recently noted by public relations theorists.