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made or become different in nature or form


made or become different in some respect

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changed in constitution or structure or composition by metamorphism

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If the taxpayer changed its method of accounting for the same item within the last four years, the taxpayer must include all applicable information regarding the earlier change with its application.
changed its name to American Medical Security Life Insurance Co.
While the specifics of each factor may have changed in the ensuing twenty years, the general premise regarding the impact of each factor on the terms of library directors remains valid today.
As the character of monetary assets has changed with innovation and deregulation, so has the way these assets have been supplied and demanded in financial markets.
Louis, changed its name to Community Health Plan Insurance Co.
The name was changed to Associated Industries Mutual Insurance Co.
But the situation changed when the IRS urged the court to hold that the warrants represented nondeductible sales of stock.
The three remaining loan applications were similar to the first two, except they showed the company had changed its depreciation method, which resulted in an 8% ($26,000) aftertax increase in net income.
This might be troublesome if a flowthrough entity adopted or changed a year pursuant to this test many years ago and has not monitored its compliance since.
tax treatment of transfers to foreign trusts and recognition of gains, departures from the traditional New York view of when a situs may be changed, the Alaska Trust, and revisions of the California Probate Code.
In 2002, 24 companies changed their names and five companies ceased operation.
An accounting method that is used for two or more tax years is generally considered "adopted" and may only be changed with the consent of the IRS, even if the method was erroneous.
In addition, in certain situations a taxpayer may not change its method of accounting for package design costs if the taxpayer has changed, or received permission to change, its method within the past six years.
This virtual model can be safely attacked, changed and analyzed for the purpose of improving the security profile of the network as well as validating the impact of proposed network changes within defined policies.