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made or become different in nature or form


made or become different in some respect

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changed in constitution or structure or composition by metamorphism

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changed its name to Coface North America Insurance Co.
Women's level of education also increased, and while a change of partners was most common among those with the least education in each period, the gap grew over the 30 years of the study: In the earliest period, 5% of women with the lowest level of education (10 or fewer years of schooling) and 2% of those with the highest level (more than 14 years) changed partners between pregnancies; in the most recent period, the proportions were 19% and 6%, respectively.
repairs made to a building or other similarly long-lived asset), it is difficult to see how there is any "method" of accounting to be changed.
And only if an organization fully appreciates where and how it has been can people begin to see their obsolete behavior as inappropriate in the context of a changed business environment.
Specifically, the second section examines whether the relationships underpinning the demand for money, the' term structure of interest rates, the value of corporate stock, and the foreign exchange value of the dollar changed appreciably over the 1980s.
In the range from 135[degrees] to 177[degrees]C, the behavior of tensile changed.
Improves database traceability and accountability with the ability to identify who made the change in addition to reporting what was changed and when and where.
Louis, changed its name to Essex Dental Benefits Inc.
This indicates that the Service has not changed its position; taxpayers have to treat recovery-period and method changes for MACRS purposes as accounting-method changes.
As a result, some of the rules applying to cafeteria plans needed to be changed to conform the accident and health insurance provisions to the new special enrollment rights provided under HIPAA.
For example, the one-year spread period when 90 percent of the adjustment was attributable to the year preceding the year of change and the reduction in the spread period to reflect the number of years the taxpayer used the method being changed have been eliminated.
Their investigation discovered that, among the seventy-eight university libraries holding membership in the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in 1972, half had changed directorships within the past three years and four of them had changed twice (McAnally & Downs, 1973, p.
But that doesn't mean that the basic plan has to be changed into scrap paper.
Inevitably, it takes some time for people to recognize that factors important to their spending decisions have changed in more than trivial ways and to alter their behavior accordingly, and then for the full effects of the new behavior to be felt in the economy.
7, coupled with Tripwire Manager, detects, pinpoints, and reports on changes, enabling IT staff to determine what changed, when it changed, how it changed, and who changed it.