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Antony's changeableness may be particular to him, or it may illustrate a general truth about the nature of things.
In spite of their changeableness, created things manage to imitate unity "because [their] parts correspond and are so joined together as to form one harmonious whole" (90); that is, because they exhibit order.
However, as Mansfield cautions, it is easy to get the wrong idea about "emptiness"; it does not mean "nothing," but rather it is a reference to changeableness, to impermanence, and to dependence.
37) Gouverneur Morris, deputy from Pennsylvania, noted that "[e]very man of observation had seen in the democratic branches of the State Legislatures, precipitation--in Congress changeableness, in every department excesses against personal liberty private property & personal safety.
Mobility" contains a variety of associated meanings appropriate for the description of slave, fugitive, and autonomous movements: the ability to move and to be moved, the capacity for change of place, and changeableness or instability.