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a baseball thrown with little velocity when the batter is expecting a fastball

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The type of change-up you want and the speed of the pitch will be up to you.
The incorporation of systematic change-ups in volume, intensity, exercise selection, set/rep schemes, and frequency will abet the athletes' physical development and keep the workouts fresh and challenging, regardless of training philosophy.
Before the game, he'll say, `We won't throw change-ups to this guy' and then we get out there and he starts throwing change-ups.
These pitches should be mixed as they will be in the game (a change-up after a fastball), as well as with locations.
The outside change-up requires even more of a wait, which is why it is so effective against free swingers - hitters with quick bats and good power.
The fastball begins looking a lot better than the radar gun estimates it is - thanks to the change-up.
One day he asked me for advice and I told him to throw a first pitch change-up to a particular hitter.
The diagrams show the seven change-up routes we added to our waggle attack, which we identify by simple "tag" words at the end of the play calls.
I knew right after they hit my change-ups, I had to do something different.
The changes are mostly in adaptations of basic pitches, like split-fingered fastballs, circle change-ups, cut fastballs, etc.
This will cause the change-up to break like a cutter or a slider.
For business in particular, administration change-ups always bring a certain amount of uncertainty: How will we work with, and thrive under, the new leadership?
I thought Clay threw a number of good curveballs, a number of change-ups.
As we have stated here on a consistent basis over the years, set, rep, intensity, and format change-ups are crucial components of a well-rounded and consistently successful strength training program.
We thought that Cummins' change-ups and extra pace could cause more troubles.