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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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Boundary change theory applies to all local governments but it is particularly useful in the study of special districts.
Smoking Cessation Education Content and Educational Process in Schools of nursing (N=14) Schools Smoking Cessation Content (n) Smoking cessation approach taught ABC only 5 ABC & change theory 3 Change theory only 4 No smoking cessation in curriculum 2 Schools Educational process (n) Assessment of smoking cessation education Yes 8 No 2 No response 2 No smoking cessation in curriculum 2 Schools Support to quit smoking * (n) Nicotine replacement therapy 9 Face-to-face 6 Motivational interviewing 6 Telephone 5 Other (1 public health focus; 1 2 unspecified) No response 2 No smoking cessation in curriculum 2 Schools Hours of taught content (n) 1-2 5 2-4 2 4-5 3 No response 2 No smoking cessation in curriculum 2 Note: * Could select more than one
Through identifying the need for change as a result of the FFDE, Levin's change theory was applied to implement this process.
There has been quite a powerful climate change denial industry emanating from the big oil and coal industries, particularly in the US, where they are actively trying to cast doubt on the climate change theory.
Haven't seen much of him since he said he didn't accept the climate change theory and thought winds farms were an expensive folly.
The high baseline scores made demonstrating a significant modification due to the interventions much more difficult One of the limitations of the social cognitive theory is that it may not be a strong behavior change theory like the stages of change theory (especially when assessing the readiness of the study sample for behavior modification)(Nelson, & Williams, 2007).
To account for how students learn science disciplines, Posner, Strike, Hewson, and Gertzog (1982) proposed Conceptual Change theory, based on the idea that science learning is a rational and intelligible process (also see Carey, 2000; Duit, 2003; Nesessian, 1989; Strike & Posner, 1992).
When I research management & working styles, human resource and change theory, it becomes obvious how valuable an empowered workforce can be.
However, this theory has much less support than the humaninduced The Co-Co building climate change theory.
Part IV discusses various aspects of program design and implementation, from basics of behavior change theory to aspects of technology use and social networks.
In the area of health psychology, three behavioral theories in particular have provided insight into reasons why people engage or fail to engage in health behavior change: Self-Determination Theory, Theory of Planned Behavior, and Stage of Change Theory.
Should our vote of confidence go to climate skeptic Louzek, the research director of the Czech Centre of Economics and Politics, or to Ac, a supporter of climate change theory and researcher at the Czech Institute of Biological and Ecological Systems?
Social marketing uses a range of models and several different tools, many of which will be familiar to healthcare professionals--such as the Stages of Change theory (9)--but also social cognitive theory, which incorporates a wider social context of the immediate environment coupled with the individual's personal characteristics.
Diffusion of Innovations (Rogers) (similar to the Amoeba of Change Theory (AtKisson.
He outlined a number of those models and theories for the conference, including Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behaviour, Triandis' Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour, Vlek et al's NOA Model, Lewin's Change Theory, Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation and Deweyan Inquiry.