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If the sensor turns on at five degrees when the shift spins the first time, does it change state at five degrees at the next rotation?
Kennedy recently wrote to the governor and state lawmakers urging them to change state law to give the governor the ability to appoint an interim replacement to the Senate seat should he be unable to continue serving.
THE Queen has no plans to change state prayers to include the Duchess of Cornwall, Buckingham Palace said yesterday.
EADS, a European aerospace group, has said that it is willing to change state funding for Airbus if the US changes its way of supporting Boeing.
At least 24 attempts over the past three decades to change state law have failed.
It should be made clear that there is absolutely no desire on the part of optional-federal-charter advocates to change state authority to collect and to levy premium taxes.
With a keen sense of nature's ephemerality, she has produced a large number of works that seem to capture materials, living or dead, right at the moment before they change state or disappear.
The offering to T11 includes proposals for link initialization and selection, distribution of name/server, distribution of change state (zoning), and the routing protocol.
Advocates of school-sponsored prayer also tried to change state law to allow referendums so they could put the issue before the voters but failed.
The results of the Connecticut study already are being used to change state regulations concerning acceptance of advanced directives by emergency medical teams.
The state Public Service Commission is in final deliberations on a case that could change state policy on net metering.
But if it passes, county officials say they plan to use the favorable results to encourage legislators to change state law.
Glickman is seeking to change state policy banning guns on the Manchester Community College campus, even for police.