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Made to order, the inside dimensions of the steel bin can be designed to accommodate the tendency of super sacks to change shape.
He likes the finer things in life now and if there is a car that can change shape going down the motorway, then I'm sure he probably has an order in for one already.
The latest installment features two women who want to change shape before they get married, one is 21 stone, the other less than seven.
What makes it unusual is that within the glass archway are more than 10,000 small LED lights which flash randomly according to a computer programme, rising and falling and making the structure appear to move and change shape.
These materials change shape when electricity is applied to them.
On the one hand were those who saw ideas as independent, dematerialized realities whose reality can never really be accessed (something to aim for but which can never be reached) and, on the other, those who believed it was of primary importance to view the presence of ideas in the world, in language and history; as Kelley puts it vis-a-vis this latter approach: "Ideas take shape in language, change shape in communication, and undergo deeper transformations with the passage of time" (122-23).
These room temperature curing, non-shrinking urethanes will not change shape while curing, and can be used to make precision molds that faithfully reproduce fine detail, according to the manufacturer.
But the technique could also be used for the ageing eye, which loses its ability to change shape and focus due to an inevitable hardening of the lens.
While conventional heat-resisting steel would change shape after approximately 1,000 hours of use, nitride steel would last 100,000 hours.
Against a deep blue sky, it will look especially dark and menacing and may appear to change shape.
3 million Air Force contract to study technology for an aircraft that could really change shape as flight conditions or missions change, as morphing does for film and video images.
The Arp2/3 complex is a cellular machine that drives a human blood platelet to change shape into a larger, more-flattened form and begin the process of clotting.
Four packs are beginning to change shape at the Co-operative Group which is trialling a pack that displays beer cans in a straight line.
FRONT seats that change shape to keep the driver and passenger feeling secure and comfortable will be an optional extra on the new Mercedes-Benz E-class.
Other new plastics change shape according to environmental stimuli, while another type returns to its original shape after distortion.