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Consequently it becomes obvious that seating is a dynamic state of continuous activity and that seating design should permit the sitter to change posture in order to alleviate discomfort.
Encourage tenants/occupants to change posture periodically.
The researchers say nervous signals from the neck may play a key role in ensuring that adequate blood supply is maintained to the brain as we change posture, such as from lying down to standing up.
Ann Thomas, who set up the university's programme, said: "Significant problems can be nipped in the bud, and advice given on how to change posture, breathing, pitch and resonance.
Such boldness may come from its ability to change posture, color, and motion in impersonations of venomous animals, say Norman and his colleagues in the first scientific report of the behavior.
One should change posture periodically to show confidence because postural stiffness is usually perceived as nervousness.
Employee comfort includes being able to move about and change postures during the workday, with some lounge seating capable of going from static to motion.
Our results show that such a system could benefit a neuroprosthesis user by reducing the effort required to change postures while standing and allowing for finer control of posture.
There are times when you'll see fish change postures from a comfortable position to one on its guard.