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be transferred to another owner

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"All schools, whether they change owners or change management, must seek KHDA approval," Mohammad Darwish, Chief of Regulations and Compliance Commission in KHDA, said.
A SUPERMARKET is set to change owners and become a Tesco, safeguarding more than 30 jobs.
POWER COMPANIES CHANGE OWNERS. Panama's government will use expiring concessions in 2013 of Edemet, Edechi and Elektra Northeast in order to change distribution regulations and marketing of electricity, reports (Sept.
Visteon, TRW, and Delphi in the U.S., Continental and Faurecia in Europe, and Calsonic in Japan, are likely to divest certain businesses or change owners. Powertrain, chassis, and exterior systems face the greatest consolidation pressures of the six main vehicle systems.
I want to get back there with a club that will financially support its manager, a club that wants to compete at that level and doesn't want to change owners. That's my big challenge."
ALL CHANGE Owners Clara and William Nicholl have made many improvements to Christowell in the past four years.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS would change owners a few more times before its current publisher, Ogden Publications, acquired it in 2001.
The day after owners of The Pirate Bay (TPB) announced the website might change owners (, the Bulgarian Association of Music Producers (BAMP) sent out a gloating media statement.
Finally, in the retail segment of the floral industry, slightly more than 20 percent of businesses change owners or fail each year.
He said: "I have a contract up until January but the club is going to change owners. I don't know when but it is going to happen.
The number of cars on UK roads in total has increased by 22 per cent in just ten years and typically cars change owners every four years reducing to three years for vehicles aged ten years or more.