change over

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  • verb

Synonyms for change over

make a shift in or exchange of

change from one system to another or to a new plan or policy

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Such change overs have been made in the past when the Pope was delivering speeches in languages that he does not speak.
This type of production involves frequent product-to-product machine change overs, which in turn necessitates packaging machines which are versatile and easy to operate.
To ensure fast container change overs, the connections are sterilised with steam before the product path is opened.
Jeff McBee, business development manager at Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) in Harrison, Ohio, explains that the LDS3000 is a "great match" for his company's leak detection systems because its functionality allows for simple change overs between detecting helium and hydrogen trace gases in dual tracer gas applications without the need for recalibration.
The new OptiCheck system works within the constraints of frequent product change overs, colour changes and limited line space and is configurable with a finish/seal surface inspection module, sidewall inspection module or a combination of the two.