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But one should always be prepared to change one's mind in the light of fresh evidence, and the early exceptions in Kingmambo's case, like El Condor Pasa (who nearly won an Arc) and Lemon Drop Kid (who won a Belmont Stakes) no longer seem quite so exceptional.
As proper inquiry requires one to follow the evidence and arguments where they lead, the inquirer must always be prepared to change one's mind or revise one's position in light of the persistent stream of new data and further considerations to which all thinking is subject.
Aesthetic judgments are autonomous, as many other judgments are not: for the latter, but not the former, it is sometimes justifiable to change one's mind simply because several others share a different opinion.
Contract law influences the decision to change one's mind about keeping a promise.
One of the nice things about the culture of science is that it encourages one to change one's mind if new information comes to light.