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(computer science) a computer file that is used as the authority in a given job and that is relatively permanent

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It also lets administrators change file and directory locations, and users will never know the difference.
I won't have to create separate address books for professional contacts versus family members, or change file systems to move from business to personal finances.
For his part, Trudeau extended his "deepest thanks to Barack for his leadership on the climate change file to date.
To date, there were more than 740 full database downloads and more than 420 downloads of the change file database.
All US records have the latest address listing according to the official US Postal Service address change file with latest Zip+4 assigned
Our mission is to change file serving and storage infrastructure from a weak link to a critical component for supporting clouds.
Lets users rename files and change file property information
An administrator installs the patch once on his or her PC in approximately 5 minutes and then takes about 5-10 minutes to make a PictureTaker Change file.
A Change file can then be applied to other PCs to give the target PCs the software.