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branched lighting fixture

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And now the chandelier is hanging in her Linthorpe living room, Susan says she's de-lighted with it.
We had a team put together some ideas for something unique or eye-catching, and they decided on the chandelier," he says.
The chandelier lighting originally designed for ambient and task lighting had to be upgraded to accommodate televised sessions that began in 19851986.
In the study, first author Brad Rocco, a graduate student in Fishs laboratory, and colleagues compared GABA synthesizing and packaging proteins within chandelier cell cartridges, as well as the density of these cartridges in the prefrontal cortex of 20 schizophrenia subjects and 20 comparison subjects.
Caption: In textured layers of wood, Weathered Zinc and rope, Hinkley's Heywood chandelier blends rustic and cosmopolitan flair.
Today, ever more than before, a chandelier exists as a piece of art, a statement of style, a sculpture in three dimensions - not merely a source of light.
There was a big pop, all the lights went out and that chandelier never worked again.
The chandelier hasn't been cleaned since it was reinstalled in around 2012-13, so I'm actually looking forward to it.
Weighing around 60 kgs, the six- feet high and fourfeet wide chandelier was installed at the monument's royal gate in 1905 on the instruction of Lord Curzon.
The chandelier is in the drawing room at Bute House, Edinburgh, which is owned by the National Trust for Scotland.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Two hundred chandeliers hanging from the ceilings above the stairs of the Ak Saray presidential palace cost as much as $35 million, according to the Ankara branch of the Turkish Union of Engineers and Architects' Chambers (TMMOB).
The Rod Chandelier by Timothy Oulton is 1920s Art Deco inspired, featuring dozens of light-refracting glass rods.
ADD some sparkle and glamour to your home at a flick of the switch with this stunning chrome and crystal glass chandelier - it's the perfect modern twist on a classic number.
The first time I walked in and saw the chandelier there were tears in my eyes; [there's] impact.