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a small hard painless nodule at the site of entry of a pathogen (as syphilis)

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A study of 689 HIV-positive men attending two big Phoenix-area HIV clinics found that provider counseling consisting of chancre photos, sexual risk assessment, and counseling on the impact of syphilis encouraged men to look for sores more often in oral and rectal areas.
Definite diagnosis is made when the characteristic trypanosoma parasite (trypomastigote form) is observed in blood, lymph nodes, scrapings from the chancre, bone marrow, or CSF.
The novel's most telling example of the repressive use of silence, however, may be provided by Johnny Shush, a mob figure aligned with Chancre who works quietly behind the scenes to influence city elections.
The bite site, as already stated, is often very painful and develops into a chancre.
Delays in Syphilis Diagnosis Vary With Presenting Symptoms in HIV-Positive Patients Symptom Patients with delay Median delay(days from in diagnosis symptom onset) Mouth ulcers (n=13) 69% 78 Sore throat (n=25) 56% 44 Cervical lymphadenopathy 52% 56 (n=23) Chancre (n=13) 46% 73 Inguinal lymphadenopathy 46% 36 (n=13) Subjective fever (n=18) 39% 42 Generalized rash (n=70) 23% 25 Rash on palms and soles 9% 7 (n=44) Note: Based on data for 118 syphilis cases in HIV-positive patients.
phenomena Lyme disease Poisonous oak Chemical burns Herpes simplex Gonococci derm Nodule erythema atitis-arthritis Diabetic ulcer Rocky mountain fever Warfarin poisoning Worm bites Stevens-Johnson Heparin poisoning syndrome Acarus bites Lymphomatoid Nodule papulosis periartheritis Tick bites Sporotrichosis Multiform erythema Wasp sting Adverse reactions Toxic epidermal to drugs necrolysis Fly bites Herpes zoster Pressure ulcers Bites by other Lymphomas Skin mycosis spiders Focal vasculitis Fulminant purpura Squamous cell Carcinoma Syphilitic chancre Anthrax Varicose ulcers Chickenpox Trauma Necrotizing fascitis Angioneurotic edema Skin lupus Erysipela erythematosus
In a sentence excised from the English edition of Van Gogh's published letters, the artist wrote on 8 July 1888: 'Macknight has caught a chancre [venereal ulcer] with a fat woman where quite by chance I went at the same time.
He gave a history of multiple tsetse fly bites but did not have a chancre.
Etiologies include vaginitis/vulvitis, sexually transmitted disease (eg, syphilitic chancre, HSV simplex infection, chancroid), or vaginal/vulvar cancer.
The first manifestation of syphilis is a chancre that heals without treatment within 3-6 weeks.
Anthelmintic, boil, chancre, 22285 depurative, antidote for snake poisoning Syzygium aromaticum (L.
As a young man from the Lopez Adentro Reserve stated, "We were out with my uncle in the field, and he and some of his friends were telling a man that in order to avoid sexually transmitted infections before sex, the best thing was to drink your own urine and then nothing would happen to you; and if you had a chancre, you could get rid of it with grain alcohol or gasoline.
For example, the fact that poverty, had become a social chancre brought about by the over reliance on nature (physical element), low levels of education within a large population and lack of skills which thus limited employment opportunities.
Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease (STD), is caused by a type of bacteria and is spread through direct contact with a syphilis sore (also called a chancre, pronounced KANG-kur) during vaginal, anal, or oral sex.