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area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir

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Some monasteries had been responsible for maintaining their local church, so Henry ruled that whoever purchased the land associated with the monastery would become the "lay rector", making them responsible for the upkeep of the chancel, the space around the church altar.
It is believed that about 5,200 churches are entitled to claim the cost of chancel repairs from the lay rector.
The chancel of a medieval church can constitute about one third of the total church building.
If other communities were at all similar, it is possible that the chancels, choirs, and even naves of many convent churches may show the imprint of resident nuns.
While the costly architecture, chancel decorations, and choir stalls of the fifteenth-century convent of San Zaccaria were commissioned with the assistance of male agents, partially funded with contributions from male civic authorities, enhanced by other private donations (both male and female), and overseen by male supervisors, I will argue that the nuns saw these spaces and their adornment as their special province and even canvas.
The nuns of San Zaccaria were involved in two major episodes of building and decoration in the fifteenth century: 1) the enlargement and enhancment of the chancel of the nuns' church and 2) the reconstruction of the nave and creation of new wooden choir stalls, a project which led to the erection of a new (the present) church of San Zaccaria alongside the nuns' church.
Benedict -- subjects well-suited to this Benedictine convent dedicated to a prophet -- fill the severies and triumphal arch of a ribbed vaulted apse in the chancel of the nuns' church, today known as the chapel of San Tarasio (A on the plan in fig.
The space received its present form in 1595, when the original chancel of the nuns' church (the present chapel of San Tarasio) was blocked off from the rest of the structure and the chapel of Sant' Atanasio was created in the space of the central nave of the nuns' church and the church's right side aisle.
Chancel renovations took place under Abbess Elena Foscari, sister of the sitting doge, Francesco Foscari (in office 1423-1457).
Approximately five years into Foscari's abbacy the apse of the church was reconstructed, making it larger and more luminous than the eleventh-century structure whose thick walls still delimit the interior of the crypt below the chancel.
The painted bust-length image of Santa Margherita emerging from a dragon's mouth at the top left of the Santa Sabina altarpiece at the opposite side of the chancel corresponds to its donor, Margherita Donato.
76] Instead of sitting or standing in the entrance end of the church where the laity heard sermons, relatives were given the privilege of occupying the space in front of the choir with their backs to the chancel.
At Thanksgiving, churches customarily decorate their chancels with harvest produce.
I could not put the things I'm most thankful for -- my wife, my daughter and, I suppose, my dog -- in a chancel.
The Chancel family, who bought Val Joanis in 1977, don't do things by half, nor are they afraid to do them differently.