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This warlord hero of 1914-18 had opened the gates for Hitler, offering the Chancellorship to avoid the civil war that looked inevitable as communists and Nazis battled on the streets, with unemployment at 33 per cent.
The real topic of the work is West German policy toward the Soviet Union during the chancellorship of Helmut Schmidt, 1974-82, with a summary final chapter on the rest of the 1980s awkwardly tacked on.
And he will be reluctant to surrender the Chancellorship to a Lib Dem.
It's certainly striking how a crisis, the seeds of which were sown during his own chancellorship, should now represent his best hope of salvation.
This Robbing Hood who has robbed the poor to pay the rich has consistently targeted pensioners in various ways since the start of his Chancellorship.
Meehan, a Lowell Democrat, is one of three finalists for the chancellorship of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and may resign as representative for the 5th Congressional District.
One of the consistent themes of this Chancellorship is that he has resolutely resisted all pleas for what are called in Whitehall-speak "hypothecated" taxes, earmarked and ring fenced for some desirable purpose.
Mr Patten has already accepted the Chancellorship of Oxford University - but he has made it clear he would not refuse the top Commission job.
The Chancellorship remains an option, but if Mr Miliband is as keen as he says he is on tackling global warming, he might just as easily tackle it from the Foreign Office as from his current berth at Defra.
Higher than expected levels of borrowing have become a persistent feature of Mr Brown's Chancellorship despite bonuses such as the pounds 22.
On that basis, huge surpluses built up in the early "prudent" years of Mr Brown's chancellorship should enable the Treasury scope to meet the golden rule to the tune of some pounds 7 billion, the IFS said.
It is also, I believe, a reflection of my Chancellorship of the Open University, of which I am very proud.
For the young, whose timeframemay only reach from the Chancellorship of Nigel Lawson to Gordon Brown,an inflation rate of 2.
Meanwhile, Ed Balls made a clear bid for the Shadow Chancellorship by attacking the Coalition's economic policy.
And whatever happens next in his career, his tenure at No 11 will surely go down as the most remarkable ( as well as the longest ( Chancellorship of modern times.