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See Figure 2 below for projected percentages of women that need to be appointed to the vice chancellorship in order to reach gender parity by 2015.
Wilson said there are good arguments for continuing to combine that position with the chancellorship, but said he has not made a final decision on that.
Denton was the youngest person to hold the UC chancellorship when she took the job in early 2005, and she was the first open lesbian in the position.
The chancellorship of a university is a ceremonial role.
The Durham Chancellorship was filled last year by the acclaimed travel writer Bill Bryson on the recommendation of a special committee of members of the university's senate and council, including Sir Kenneth.
CHERIE Blair was in Liverpool last week concluding her chancellorship of JMU.
The former held the office of secretary-general of the Zaporozhian Host; the latter was only nominated by Vyhovs'kyi to Jan Kazimierz for the chancellorship of the Grand Duchy of Rus'.
When I came into the chancellorship, I "knew one of the big challenges that faced higher education in Alaska was that there was a very high percentage of college-bound high school graduates who left the state for college, never to return," Gorsuch said.
Sir Shridath, aged 73, said: "It was a great honour to have been invited to be chancellor and to have followed Lord Scarman in the chancellorship.
He protected his integrity on his tombstone which he composed some years before his death, that integrity which Henry attested even after More had resigned the Lord Chancellorship.
Rudy Crew is a lifelong educator and author whose career has spanned from the classroom to the chancellorship of the nation's largest school district, New York City.
Sir Patrick had been based in the USA for some time, and he acknowledged that the chancellorship was a catalyst for his decision to relocate to the UK and reignite his stage career, which he did to great critical acclaim, while sustaining his film and TV stardom.
He added that they feel proud that their colleague has had the honour of being the first Islamic Studies scholar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who has made it to the post of Vice Chancellorship of one of the highest seat of learning of KP.
He said he would maintain his links with the constituency through positions including his chancellorship of St Andrews University.
Lord Morris of Aberavon, who was chancellor of the University of Glamorgan, said: "It is a particularly opportune time for me, after 12 years, to hand over the chancellorship to a most distinguished person who is a son of Glamorgan and has served Gwent as its bishop.