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area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir

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Only once a sale or purchase has taken place after October 12 can you be certain a property is not liable for chancel repairs," said Mrs Marles.
Chancel repair liability can be expensive and as CIL allows for more property to be converted to commercial premises chancel repair liability should be a point covered in developments and explained to beneficiaries for gifts or inheritances.
Some monasteries had been responsible for maintaining their local church, so Henry ruled that whoever purchased the land associated with the monastery would become the "lay rector", making them responsible for the upkeep of the chancel, the space around the church altar.
More than 250 Parochial Church Councils, who administer Anglican parishes, have already registered Chancel Repair Liability (CRL) against 12,000 properties, and many of these registrations are in the North West.
Matthews Baptist Church choir and chancel orchestra for "A Celebration of Faith, Family & Freedom".
Directors Ernest and Janet and their sons Dean and Craig approached Lloyds Bank for the funding to purchase three units in Chancel Way.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Hectare 9 Ended 10 Nanny 11 Adulate 12 Ear 13 Spittoon 16 Not at all 17 Act 19 Marconi 21 Photo 22 Noses 23 Norwich DOWN: 1 Chancel 2 Scenario 3 Many 4 Rebuttal 5 Idea 6 Idler 8 Examination 13 Seahorse 14 Oratorio 15 Atrophy 18 Among 20 Rush 21 Park QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Speed camera 8 Tar 9 Ore 11 Origami 12 Until 13 Rim 14 Add 15 Puberty 17 Hot 19 Ever 21 Omen 23 Data 25 Tier 27 Nag 29 Storage 31 Amp 34 Era 36 Rouge 37 Silicon 38 Sam 39 Hod 40 Tamper-proof DOWN: 1 Sari 2 Prim 3 Evacuee 4 Chisel 5 Mount 6 Rota 7 Arid 8 Torch 10 Elder 16 Yet 18 Toe 20 Van 22Mrs 24 Angular 25 Tears 26 Eraser 28 Grand 30 Tie up 32 Moat 33 Puma 34 Echo 35 Roof
Candlelight Festival of Nine Lessons and carol chancel choir, chancel ringers, soloists, and instruments.
The entire Chancel Echoes series are books of twenty-four to thirty-two pages, with each book dedicated to the works of a single composer of church organ music.
The rood affixed to the wall above the chancel arch was installed in 1927, the figures in paper mache and the cross in wood.
TAKE A CHANCEL NEWCASTLE have bought quality over quantity this summer.
They show the little spy hole Sanctus window, above the chancel arch, which allows bell ringers in the ringing chamber to look down into the chancel at the high altar so they can ring the bell at this critical point in the service.
Newcastle should be striving for more than that and a new centre-back to play alongside Chancel Mbemba would certainly be my top priority above any other position.
The church now stands one fifth of its original size - the former chancel is now the present nave and the current chancel was added in 1607.
5million signing Chancel Mbemba, who does not speak English, thought he had got into a taxi booked by the club.