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Synonyms for chance

Synonyms for chance

the quality shared by random, unintended, or unpredictable events or this quality regarded as the cause of such events

the likeliness of a given event occurring

a favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances

a possibility of danger or harm

to take place by chance

to run the risk of

chance on: to find or meet by chance

having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure

Synonyms for chance

an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another

a risk involving danger

Related Words

the possibility of future success

come upon, as if by accident

occurring or appearing or singled out by chance


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In looking around for some information about quality for this month's issue, I chanced upon an analysis produced by the Power Information Network (PIN), which is a division of J.
The political moral of Layard's story is that we are duty-bound to contrive a more Swedish America (and Britain), a point the prescient Labour Party economist was pressing years before he chanced upon the exciting "new science" of happiness.
We started in Beijing, and before setting off on the trek proper we had a chance to see some touristy sights like Tiananmen Square, where we chanced upon teams of people in blue overalls peeling chewing gum off the pave stones.
Just weeks ago, Kamm chanced upon a bar owner from Kyoto who confided that his biggest customers are funeral homes--including Japan's largest funeral home chain--who throw parties for nurses.
During the several weeks I spent in Normandy visiting and photographing military graves, the D-Day landing sites, and the many memorial plaques to be found in the area, I chanced upon the Pegasus Bridge and the nearby cafe.
The group had chanced upon the cave for the first time while exploring the hillside's many fluid-filled conduits.
While reading The Journal yesterday (Thursday), I chanced upon the Weight Watchers article.
He chanced upon a copy of The Fun Factory: A Life in the BBC, which is due out later this month, and discovered details of a plot to keep Greg Dyke from succeeding Lord Birt as BBC director-general.
Lillian Scharf, 82, was out for her daily, hour-long walk when she chanced upon the councilwoman's photo-op on Radford Avenue.
Mencken's "The American Language" the other day, we chanced upon a section discussing states' nicknames.
I chanced upon a copy of your Family Cookbook--Selected Health Recipes from The Saturday Evening Post.
I was shocked and saddened to find it in this condition; I was expecting the same perfect microcosm I'd chanced upon many years ago, an obsidian pool hidden deep in the forest, decked with emerald lotus leaves and patrolled by iridescent dragonflies.
In our weekly rummage through the files at the Pulaski County Courthouse, we chanced upon a small filing with an odd connection to Arkansas.
The troops were conducting operations in the area when they chanced upon the rebels," Nazareno said, stressing it was the military that was on the offensive.
But Agront's arrangement wasn't the product of considered state planning--instead, she seems to have chanced upon it.