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Synonyms for chance

Synonyms for chance

the quality shared by random, unintended, or unpredictable events or this quality regarded as the cause of such events

the likeliness of a given event occurring

a favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances

a possibility of danger or harm

to take place by chance

to run the risk of

chance on: to find or meet by chance

having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure

Synonyms for chance

an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another

a risk involving danger

Related Words

the possibility of future success

come upon, as if by accident

occurring or appearing or singled out by chance


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In this congregation of 230 families, it is easy to spot newcomers, and community members greet them cheerfully, introducing themselves and asking how their guests chanced upon this small Jewish community outside Chicago.
It was excitement for hunters from a settlement in Sungai Kelawit in Bintulu, Sarawak when they chanced upon a huge 'Anaconda Sarawak' - a python.
Recently, and surprisingly, I chanced upon a bar selling what at one time was a delicious brew called Exhibition, but it too was like drinking a pint of cold water.
Cyber Crime Police while verifying the online commercials had chanced upon the website www.
READING Saturday's Echo I chanced upon a feature about assembly member Neil McEvoy crossing his fingers while pledging his allegiance to our monarch.
I WAS overseas in Africa, 'Twas very dark and dank, When I chanced upon this witch doctor Who said his name was Frank.
A media spokesman for the Border Guard said border guards were patroling in the mountains of Al-Namas in Asir region on Saturday morning when they chanced upon the smugglers.
The scam, which dates back to 2012, was accidentally exposed when one of its victims chanced upon the Albanian man's brother and, talking to him, realised that the latter was in fine health.
Christine Dobson, 71, of Ludgate Hill, struck up a friendship with the drug addict who pleaded for help when she chanced upon him in Great Charles Street and gave him PS5 so he could buy some food.
According to a statement issued by the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces, soldiers chanced upon the exit of an unfinished tunnel of a three-meter height, outside the prison nearby the building "D".
The captain of a boat cruising on the lake chanced upon the girls' bodies and informed police.
Lush green and more so in monsoon, the wet deciduous forest had our unanimous vote when we chanced upon the Anjunem dam.
"Writing is fifty years behind painting," Brion Gysin (1916-1986) declared in 1959, a still-contentious statement made the year he chanced upon the cut-up technique.
After searching the place for two hours, the team chanced upon a dingy storeroom where 19 bar girls were in hiding.
The first clue of it's origins was chanced upon by art buff Dr Lindsay Stainton who found a cutting about the sign.