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But then again, the best ones are those that you chance upon, " says Dossa.
Having planned for a gentle, uneventful stroll through the increasingly alluring boutiques, I was stunned to chance upon the extravaganza of this pirate gymnastic ballet.
But rather than unearthing a chest of gold, silver, jewels or even chocolate money, the treasure to be found is the variety of wonderful animals that the CBeebies crew chance upon as they carry out their search.
This 'twelve-bar' graphic novel is a masterpiece narrative set in the 1920s in the south and focusing on the blues music world through the eyes of two traveling bluesmen who chance upon a blues joint with a possible record contract--until romance and murder interfere.
Walking in the castle's rose garden, I chance upon a fair maiden who turns out to be Aleksandra Glinska, a Warwick Castle ticket saleswoman.
So if you're in the country park, you might spot a passing ferry one minute, and chance upon a maritime scene on a mosaic tile the next.
SIR - What sheer delight it was to chance upon the Aberaeron Festival of Welsh Ponies and Cobs while touring through Mid Wales on Sunday, August 13.