chance event

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anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause

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Another common chance event is that of a student who desperately wishes to do a course of study at university that requires a high Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) score.
I was thought greatest man among the townsfolk there until this chance event (tyche) happened to me .
So no you, no coverage for the Capras, no choice but to see their lives irrevocably altered by a chance event, and not for the better.
This moment is the model for the way that evidential epistemic luck informs his "self-discovery" through the rest of the narrative: a chance experience, a chance event, is after-the-fact reconfigured as the fortuitous acquisition of the knowledge of something that has always been true.
I'd put the first occasion down to a silly lapse; a chance event.
When leaving the premises Dan witnesses a chance event that proves to be a life-changing experience.
A startling example of a chance event changing accepted knowledge concerns the discovery of Charon, the largest moon of Pluto.
That chance event brought the kids, who had always been involved in theater in Oklahoma, to Los Angeles this past January.
When he was elected to the seat in 2001, Mr David's interest was fired by a chance event.
They are not a product of random process or chance event.
Death, often a chance event, awes us when it's this random, this unfair.
In the past, officer development was often a chance event depending on what type of mentorship our young officers received.
A chance event in 1997 would lead to another revelation about the events of 1986.
Once some entrepreneur gets started, often through some chance event, if the environment is favorable, more firms get going.
The fledgling rock group kept busy as so many young garage bands did, playing gigs like used car lot openings, until a chance event changed their lives.