chance event

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anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause

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I started off wanting to be a video artist and studied in Carmarthen doing fine art, but in a chance event I ended up doing a masters in the London Film School.
A chance event can be any event that was not planned for or expected.
The discovery was made by Marshall Hall, a former friend of the artist Byron Dawson, after a chance event.
I was thought greatest man among the townsfolk there until this chance event (tyche) happened to me .
I'd put the first occasion down to a silly lapse; a chance event.
When leaving the premises Dan witnesses a chance event that proves to be a life-changing experience.
A startling example of a chance event changing accepted knowledge concerns the discovery of Charon, the largest moon of Pluto.
When he was elected to the seat in 2001, Mr David's interest was fired by a chance event.
They are not a product of random process or chance event.
In the past, officer development was often a chance event depending on what type of mentorship our young officers received.
But no chance event was sufficiently significant to move the market over the peak and into the fitter valley - until late 2000.
However, even if you become aware of the value of a chance event, for example, with a new behavior of a customer in the market you are selling in, it is still hard to persuade your colleagues to make actions in response to the rare event.
Once some entrepreneur gets started, often through some chance event, if the environment is favorable, more firms get going.
Starting the glow discharge in a cold-cathode sensor depends on a chance event, such as field emission or a cosmic ray producing the first electron.
He explains that his curiosity was aroused by a chance event while visiting a ruined temple by the Nile.