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anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause

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Caption: With osteoporosis, "if you broke something, it is not a random, chance event," said Dr.
If some previous May Days have had more clear topical springboards--the Iraq wars, or the Occupy Movement--this year, as in that heady inaugural year, a timely chance event helped bring focus to the roiling mix of issues.
The inception of the world-famous Brooks leather saddle came about by a chance event, when, in 1879, the horse that Mr Brooks used for commuting to and from his business died.
A CHANCE event gives you an opportunity to exploit a talent.
I started off wanting to be a video artist and studied in Carmarthen doing fine art, but in a chance event I ended up doing a masters in the London Film School."
A chance event can be any event that was not planned for or expected.
I'd put the first occasion down to a silly lapse; a chance event. The second occasion made me think harder about what I had done to cause the collision.
When leaving the premises Dan witnesses a chance event that proves to be a life-changing experience.
A document as important to our understanding of Roman history as the Res Gestae of Augustus depended on a chance event: a group of travelers through the Ottoman Empire who stopped overnight in Ankara and saw and copied the bronze monument now known as the Monumentum Ancyranum.
When he was elected to the seat in 2001, Mr David's interest was fired by a chance event.
They are not a product of random process or chance event.
In the past, officer development was often a chance event depending on what type of mentorship our young officers received.