champagne flute

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a tall narrow wineglass

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glass houses Pretty cocktail vessels Champagne flutes, PS10 each, Debenhams A touch of gold, in case sipping champagne isn't already classy enough for you.
To make, split the Michigan Brut between two champagne flutes and long-pour the cider from a porron for maximum bubbles.
Mr Jones said: "He went upstairs and there it was he threw a champagne flute at her, causing her, mercifully, quite a light injury, bruising to the nose.
had been holding a champagne flute when Wheatley stormed over to confront him and grabbed it out of his hand.
It's just not an English summer without them strawberries (to keep your drink chilled, but not dilute it) to a champagne flute, add 25ml peach schnapps, top with 12ml prosecco, stir and serve.
I want Candy WEAR your heart on your champagne glass with these high quality champagne flutes. Ideal for celebrating a wedding or engagement they are pounds 19.50 at Red Candy Dark delight IF you feel like splashing out these black cut tumbler glasses from John Rocha are quite striking.
Once installed, each receiver acts as a sturdy base for a dynamic range of accessories, including champagne flute holders, swim ladders, anchor lights, TV mounts, bait boards and rod holders.
star anise syrup into a Champagne flute. Add Lemon-Lime Juice and sparkling apple-cranberry juice.
The flowers were discovered in 1998 by Lee Etherington and a group of friends at a dinner party when they dunked a crimson wildflower info a champagne flute and watched as the petals unfurled.
Winograd was a few decks above us during the departure that magical evening in late April, raising a champagne flute on the balcony of his penthouse cabin and savoring the spectacle.
On the basis of Ybert and di Meglio's findings, the French team concludes that to become stiff, the bubbles would have to travel more than 10 centimeters, a higher ascent than bubbles make in a typical champagne flute. Moreover, the rapid bubble growth of champagne continuously dilutes the surface concentration of adhered molecules, thereby keeping the bubble surface partially flexible.
The girlfriend of a man who died after being bitten and stabbed with a champagne flute in a petty row at a bar has said she lost her "best friend, rock and support system".
Grab a champagne flute and pour the Chambord into the glass.
The range includes this nest of two side tables, PS240, set of two champagne flutes, PS40, and metallic champagne flute, PS9 each.