champagne cup

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a punch containing a sparkling wine

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Shropshire Cup and Fullwood Cup winners Telepost will look to add the Tanner Cup with victory over Castlefields on Old Shrewsbury No.1, while over the path - and at the same time - Shelton Village and Meole Village do battle for the Champagne Cup in its new format which excludes Division One teams.
The champagne cup is typical of LM IIIA2-IIIB grave goods, and in turn appears singly or in small concentrations (cf.
In LM III, however, convivial occasions were possibly mobilized by elite ideologies and attended by limited and exclusive sectors of the population; this is suggested by the presence of so-called champagne cups (Fig.
Tanners Shropshire League secretary Anthony Price made his comments ahead of the Tanners Champagne Cup semi-finals.
Quarter-final time in cup THE race to pop the cork in the Tanner Champagne Cup fizzes up tonight.
A NEW-LOOK Tanner Champagne Cup has lift-off tonight as team knockouts in three Shropshire leagues dominate the action.