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Synonyms for champagne

a white sparkling wine either produced in Champagne or resembling that produced there


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a region of northeastern France

References in classic literature ?
Now for our little tableau!" Ida pushed the champagne bottles obtrusively forward, in the direction of the door, and scattered oyster shells over the cloth.
"You know very well papa always has champagne on his table, and I've always been used to it."
He laid down the seven of hearts, on which with a broken bit of chalk he had written "800 rubles" in clear upright figures; he emptied the glass of warm champagne that was handed him, smiled at Dolokhov's words, and with a sinking heart, waiting for a seven to turn up, gazed at Dolokhov's hands which held the pack.
The champagne was cold, and its subtle fumes played fantastic tricks with Edna's memory that night.
You came in and fed her with champagne. Were you among the saved yourself?"
"My young friend," he said, "I would give my soul to have our future before us, to have your youth and never to have tasted champagne. Phew!
What you tell me about the champagne country is, I must confess, a relief," he added, turning to Granet.
Levin was almost of the same age as Oblonsky; their intimacy did not rest merely on champagne. Levin had been the friend and companion of his early youth.
champagne! That was an interesting item of news, at all events!-- Twelve bottles!
He opened a bottle of champagne, which, as soon as he cut the wire, blew its cork out with incredible violence, and for the most part followed it into space.
The Silent Man seemed even more clumsy than usual, and drank champagne with regularity and determination out of sheer nervousness.
"No, only add two bottles of champagne, and the difference will be for the napkins."
He had ordered champagne and when it came her eyes sparkled.
"Please take me into the other room," she said "I want a glass of champagne, and on the way you can tell me all about America."
I have not had a better supper ordered this half-year than they ordered last night; and so easy and good-humoured were they, that they found no fault with my Worcestershire perry, which I sold them for champagne; and to be sure it is as well tasted and as wholesome as the best champagne in the kingdom, otherwise I would scorn to give it 'em; and they drank me two bottles.