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a greenish grey or black silicate of iron and aluminum

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Key words: Mineralogical, petrographical, lithofacies, Salt Range, Permian, Cretaceous, kaolinite, goethite, boehmite, gibbsite, dickite, glauconite, chamosite, chlorite, nacrite, micrite, microclasts.
X-ray diffraction analysis shows the presence of kaolinite, gibbsite, boehmite, dickite, chamosite and anatase.
2+] -rich trioctahedral chlorites, namely clinochlore and chamosite, and the Al-rich dioctahedral species, donbassite.
Berthierine, Odinite and Chamosite (Verdine and Oolitic Ironstone Facies) 8 Diagenesis and Very Low-Grade Metamorphism Sedimentary Series Parameters of Diagenesis.
Mineralogists of the 19th century were much more successful in the description of new layer hydrosilicates: allophane, amesite, antigorite, aspidolite, batavite, biotite /a series name/, celadonite, chamosite, chrysotile /a series name/, clinochlore, corundophyllite, cronstedtite, delessite, diabantite, ephesite, glauconite /a series name/, halloysite, kaolinite, muscovite, nacrite /a polytype/, nontronite, palygorskite, paragonite, penninite /or pennine/, phengite /a series name/, phlogopite, polylithionite, pyrophyllite, ripidolite, roscoelite, saponite, sauconite, sepiolite, serpentine, siderophyllite, stevensite, tainiolite, thuringite, vermiculite /trioctahedral and dioctahedral, distinguished in the 20th century/, volkonskoite, zinnwaldite /a series name/.
Interesting specimens of calcite, fluorite colored by dysprosium, chamosite, kainosite-(Y) and other minerals have been found in fresh roadcuts along New York State Route 30.
2) is complex, and clearly involves at least two stages of calcite deposition and several distinct stages of chamosite deposition.
Chlorite from Dodo varies chemically from an iron-rich clinochlore to chamosite, and is one of the most widespread mineral groups in the alpine-type Dodo clefts.
X-ray patterns obtained from these spheroidal aggregates show them to be members of the chlorite group, and their EDS spectra indicate they are predominantly Mg-Fe aluminosilicates, suggesting they are most likely intermediate in composition between clinochlore and chamosite.
Pale blue to purplish gray octahedral fluorite crystals up to 2 cm associated with calcite, and often coated with acicular microcrystals of epidote, chamosite and rare kainosite-(Y), have been collected.