chamois cloth

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a piece of chamois used for washing windows or cars

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For a smooth-haired dog, you'll need a rubber brush, a bristle brush and a chamois cloth.
Then a rub-down with the chamois cloth will bring out the shine in the coat.
If the surface was slightly uneven, a chamois cloth was helpful in giving it a final polishing.
It is the skin's natural oil and can be removed by simply rubbing the garment with a piece of chamois cloth.
I love our corner shops with their floors of varnished wood and the creaking shelves, stacked ladder-high with Spam and cans of soup, clothes pegs, thick-cut marmalade to soak into warm buttered toast, eggs with wisps of straw clinging to their shells, boot polish, scouring pads, liver salts, detergents, fruit salads, vinegar, custard powder, chamois cloths, ginger beer, moth-balls and tooth-picks.
is pleased to announce that it has acquired the exclusive North American rights to the Shameez(TM) brand of chamois cloths.
Contract awarded for Chamois cloths or gloves washable