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a soft suede leather formerly from the skin of the chamois antelope but now from sheepskin

hoofed mammal of mountains of Eurasia having upright horns with backward-hooked tips

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"A man like you, a man of his word, with plenty of good stuff in him, ought to serve his country and command a brigade, and not come to his end trailing after a chamois. The life that you are leading will take you straight to the convict's prison.
"Your worship is welcome, Master Pedro," continued the landlord; "but where are the ape and the show, for I don't see them?" "They are close at hand," said he in the chamois leather, "but I came on first to know if there was any room." "I'd make the Duke of Alva himself clear out to make room for Master Pedro," said the landlord; "bring in the ape and the show; there's company in the inn to-night that will pay to see that and the cleverness of the ape." "So be it by all means," said the man with the patch; "I'll lower the price, and he well satisfied if I only pay my expenses; and now I'll go back and hurry on the cart with the ape and the show;" and with this he went out of the inn.
According to the bones found, the inhabitants were hunters of reindeer, chamois, ibex, deer, horses, and even hares.
A chamois (pronounced SHAM-ee) is a kind of very soft cloth often used to polish cars, furniture and other smooth surfaces.
The model features chamois interior upholstery, perforated seats and heat-rejection glass.
Five minutes earlier we'd dropped off our camping gear alongside the river a few miles below us, with the plan to hike down the valley in the hopes of finding a chamois or two on the way.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Panther 9 Ewers 10 Irons 11 Cohered 12 Ohm 13 Saturate 16 Entirely 17 Aha 19 Allegro 21 Masks 22 Lorna 23 Trapeze DOWN: 1 Epsilon 2 Uncommon 3 Thus 4 Lethargy 5 Wear 6 Aside 8 Rock the boat 13 Stingray 14 Transfer 15 Banshee 18 Eagle 20 Lord 21 Moat QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Stick insect 8 Who 9 Lot 11 Hundred 12 Usage 13 One 14 Yam 15 Cabaret 17 Egg 19 Emit 21 Acts 23 Beer 25 Sago 27 Sew 29 Science 31 All 34 Par 36 Route 37 Chamois 38 Pad 39 Ore 40 Fortunately DOWN: 1 Shun 2 Tone 3 Currant 4 Indian 5 Sauce 6 Clay 7 Toga 8 Whole 10 Tempt 16 Tee 18 Gag 20 Mrs 22 Cos 24 Enchant 25 Sharp 26 Beacon 28 Worse 8DA followed 30 Chest 32 Loaf 33 Ludo 34 Pool 35 Airy
Then I use a cloth and detergent and hot water and start at the top and work my way down and then dry them off with a chamois. If you don't have a washing line, then I plop them in the bath to soak then lay them out on towels on the floor and set about them.
As regards Caprinae, Blyth (1869) recorded hybrids between chamois and domestic goat Capra hircus, and provided pictures of a hybrid horn shape, although further attempts to produce a hybrid failed.
Gabesien), Atef Mezni (ES Metlaoui), Marouane Sahraoui (VitEria GuimarEues / POR), Mohamed Habib Yaken (CA Bizertin), Dylan Bronn (Chamois Niortais / FRA), Oussama Haddadi (Dijon FC /, Mohamed Slim Ben Othman (Lokomotiv GO / BUL), Maher Ben Sghaier (CA Bizertin), Nejmeddine Daghfous (FC Wurzburger Kickers / GER), Hamza Jelassi (CA Bizertin), Skander Agrebi (AS Gabes), Larry Azouni (LOSC Lille / FRA), Karim Laribi (AC Cesena / ITA), Mohamed Wael Larbi (Sochaux FC / FRA), Driss Mhirsi (Red Star / FRA), Bassem Srarfi (OGC Nice / FRA), Ahmed Akaichi Ittihad Jeddah / KSA), Hamdi Harbaoui (RSC Charleroi / BEL), Ismail Sassi (Limassol / CYP).
South Riding, VA, October 05, 2016 --( Kiserena seller of chamois towels and other quality products shared today their most recent 5 star review on for the product.
The cream can also be used as a shaving lotion, for diabetes skin care, for hand-to-foot syndrome (a side effect of chemotherapy drugs), as a chamois cream for bicyclists, and for needlework and quilting.
externa were bond (216 x 330 mm; 75 g/[m.sup.2]; International Paper, Mogi Guacu, SP, Brazil) and chamois (60 x 40 cm; 60 g/[m.sup.2]; Art Floc, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil).
A piece of chamois or plastic, a strip of paper towel or newspaper, or some interfacing (photo 1).