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medieval plate armor to protect a horse's head

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Inset: the horse chamfron which was excavated at Vindolanda
Their equipment - including full face parade helmets like that found at Crosby Garrett in Cumbria and horse armour such as the Vindolanda chamfron - was expensive, exotic and designed to impress.
An 18th century chamfron and cheek-pieces from Ottoman Turkey are appliqued with silver, encrusted with gold and studded all over with semi-precious stones.
One of the most beautiful cavalry objects in the Vindolanda collection is an almost complete chamfron or horse's ceremonial head mask.
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A grander example of a conundrum is the Assyrian bronze chamfron of around 8th-7th century BC (Fig.
Clockwise from main picture: <B This picture by Johnny Shumate shows how the Crosby Garrett helmet would have looked when in use; The Crosby Garrett helmet; The Bath House remains at Chesters Roman Fort showing the bathing alcoves; Hexham Abbey Flavinus tombstone (picture by Ian Winter); Vindolanda chamfron horse armour
A 15th-century Mamluk chamfron at Christie's--offered at the Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds sale on 13 April--was one such example, fetching 541,250 [pounds sterling].