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a changeable or inconstant person

a faint constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Apus and Mensa


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Sartre's chameleonic view of the self opposes the Proustian solution, which finds a consistent personality uncontaminated by what is external, with an inner life controlling and swallowing up objects.
The limits of Yunior's chameleonic strategy, however, become apparent during his date with the "halfie" at the end of the story.
The secret to Madonna's endurance, after all, is her chameleonic ability to change with the times, and while she turned fifty years old this past August, she still shows no signs of slowing.
Admittedly, Wagner-Martin invests more time on the first half of Hemingway's life than on the second, when his chameleonic talents waned and his private life was marked by depression and erratic behavior.
In the case of Latin America, pop culture has propelled a chameleonic massification of sentimentality by taking advantage of means that complement each other: the sentimental discourse of music heard on the radio reappears in the melodrama of the telenovela.
These comic enactments demonstrate what Keir Elam calls "intercorporeality," the process of imitation and translation, which fashioned chameleonic "English bodies in Italian habits.
Tactical avoidance suggests that resistance to being heavily watched means not resisting any one thing at all; it means not locating a target, so much as learning to be performative, chameleonic, and savvy.
It wasn't that Thesiger had some freakish chameleonic quality, and by his own account he was "a bad linguist.
Randall, the chameleonic monster and main villain of the piece, is used to great advantage, whether as a hologram or a real color-changing set-piece.
But aren't writers, as Keats recommended, necessarily chameleonic, mustn't he feel as if he's vanishing into the scrim of language as he reads and writes?
The Council of Ferrara (1438) brought such outsiders to the city as Giusto de' Conti, whose La bella mano was an influential canzoniere that aggressively embraced the Petrarchan example, and the chameleonic Leon Battista Alberti, who promoted poetry in the mother tongue with his watershed contest of 1441, the Florentine Certame coronorio.
Many years have passed since the events of The Talented Mr Ripley,and chameleonic Tom Ripley (Malkovich) now lives in the picturesque Veneto region of Italy with his beautiful wife Luis a (Caselli).
Even Paul D compromises his parental authority when the chameleonic (17) Beloved, like the trickster turtle, lures him into the murky waters of what looks like incest.